Release Toxic Energy Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you release any toxic energy you may be feeling, so you can let it go and drift off into peaceful sleep.

Tonight’s meditation will help you release any toxic energy you may be feeling, so you can let it go and drift off into peaceful sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation
Photographer: Artin Bakhan | Source: Unsplash


Close your eyes and settle yourself into your bed,

Snuggling into your blankets,

And giving yourself permission to move around a little bit,

Releasing any tension or kinks you may be feeling in your body,

Maybe stretching your neck or legs or arms,

And then take a deep breath in,

And on your exhale, ease your body into your most comfortable position.

Pulling your attention onto your breathing.

Allowing each breath out to relax you further and further into comfort.



sleep meditation
Photographer: USGS | Source: Unsplash

There’s something causing you to be out of harmony tonight,

Toxic streams of energy flowing through you,

Creating imbalance,


And perhaps even a bit of chaos.


Maybe you know exactly how this toxic energy got here.

Or perhaps you simply feel a little off.

Why it’s here or how it got here is not important right now.

What’s important is that you allow yourself to release it,

So you can clear your mind and free your soul, and sleep peacefully tonight.


So see if you can imagine yourself locating where this toxic energy is living in your body right now.

Where are you feeling tension? Stress? Pain? Heaviness?

Bring your attention to those places,

And notice a bright red light humming there,

Moving through your body slowly like lava.

Carrying its pain and negativity throughout your body.

Feel its heat, its density.

And just observe yourself, lying on your bed,

The heat of this toxic red lava flowing slowly through you.


It’s okay that it’s here.

The glow of the toxic red lava can invade any one of us at any time.

You are so wise for being aware that it’s here and knowing that it needs to go.


So let your attention come onto your breath.

This powerful stream of life whose magic is unlimited.

Let yourself swim in the slowing currents of your breathing,

Breathing in,

And Breathing out,

Slower and slower each time.

Until the rhythm is soothing, calming and powerful, just like the waves of the ocean.


Now on each breath out, imagine that toxic, red lava exiting your body.

Watch it briefly dance in the space around you, before it dissolves into the night.

Breathe in,

Breathe out red.

Breathe in.

Breathe out the lava.

Breathe in.

Breathe out all the toxic energy.

Watch it dissolve into the space around you.


Stay focused on your exhale,

And the feeling of lightness inside your body as it releases all the red lava,

All the toxic energy.

Breathe it out.

And feel the soft tingling inside of you as your body cleanses it all out.

Feel the tingling in your head,

Your neck,

Your chest,

Your arms and hands,

Your stomach,

Your hips,

Your legs,

And your feet.

Breathe it all out.

Until the last drops of toxic lava have dissolved.


You are free.

You are love.

And you are light.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful