Release the Guilt Tonight Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you release any guilt you may be holding onto, so you can rest in the calm freedom of the night.

Come into the calmness of the night, as you release any guilt you might be holding onto.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


It’s time to sleep, my love,

Time for the night to heal you and replenish you,

And take away the guilt.

So let your eyes grow heavy,

And your body sink into your bed,

As you feel its weight upon your soft sheets.


And feel calmness slowly cover you like a blanket,

Slowing down your body,

Slowing down your breathing,

Slowing down your mind.


Maybe you feel a heaviness on your chest,

As you think about what’s weighing on your heart.

You feel guilty,

Perhaps ashamed or disappointed.

It’s my fault,

You hear the voices say,

As the shoulds begin penetrating your mind,

Like raindrops on the roof,

Coming down drop by drop,

Burning your heart with their judgements.


Breathe in deeply,

And let the air cleanse you,

Lighten you,

Forgive you.

And breathe out the guilt,

Releasing the heaviness and the pain.

Breathe in forgiveness,

And release the guilt.


Photographer: Nicola Fioravanti | Source: Unsplash

You’re a beautiful being of love,

And only this moment exists.

You can’t change the past,

But you can gather its lessons in your arms,

And continue walking.

So release the guilt, beautiful,

And invite in forgiveness.


Forgive yourself for the mistakes,

Forgive yourself for the imperfections,

Forgive yourself for the consequences of your actions.

Feel the warmth of forgiveness release you from the chains of guilt.


Nothing you’ve done can take away who you are,

You are love.

And you are here to express love.

So release the pain and suffering of guilt,

As you absorb the lessons to be learned,

And continue onto the path before you,


And wiser.


Sleep, my love,

As you rest in the arms of love,

And let her guide you through the night,

Free of guilt,

Free of ego,

And full of grace.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful