Release, Surrender and Glow

This meditation will help you to release all of those things that you so desperately want to control right now.

Release, Surrender and Glow Meditation

The intention of today’s meditation is to help you release all of those things that you so desperately want to control right now.

To surrender into what is.

And ultimately, to help you reconnect with your true glow.

So let’s begin…

Release meditation glow
Photographer: freestocks | Source: Unsplash

Go ahead and bring your attention onto your breath,

Breathing in through your nose and out through your nose.

Just recognizing the cool air as it comes in,

And the warm air as it comes out.

And let each breath expand just a little bit more.

Inhaling just a little longer.

Exhaling just a little bit more.


Now go ahead and take one big, deep breath in,

Allowing the inbreath to come into the lungs and expand your belly.

And when you can’t breathe in anymore, go ahead and release on the exhale,

Letting all that air out.

Bring your breathing back to its normal rhythm,

And let your body relax just a little deeper into its position as you sink into this release meditation.


Girl and her release meditation
mediaPhotographer: Nadi Whatisdelirium | Source: Unsplash

Settle into this release meditation.

Now I want you to imagine for a second that you’re standing outside of yourself.

Looking at the position you’re in right now.

Just observing yourself.

Noticing how relaxed you look.

And I want you to imagine in your mind that you see yourself raise your hand in front of you,

Reaching your hand out, as if you’re holding something in it.

Now I want you to think about anything that might be happening in your life that you’re trying to control.

That you’re trying to manage.

That you’re trying to make perfect.

And you feel the struggle.

You’re feeling the pain and tension of that control.

I want you to see each of these things as if they’re little marbles that get placed in your hand,

One by one, being placed in your hand.

Maybe it’s your schedule and the regularity of your time.

Maybe it’s the general happenings in the world right now that you so wish were not there.

Maybe it’s someone’s behavior or attitude that you’re trying to change.

Maybe it’s your work,

The amount of work you get done, the amount of money coming in.

Whatever those things are,

Just identify them.

Identify each one as a little marble.

And watch it get placed into your outstretched hand .


marbles in release meditation
Photographer: Sharon Pittaway | Source: Unsplash

Now I want you to notice that your natural tendency is to close your hand around these marbles,

To try to hold onto them, to prevent them from falling, so that you can feel secure that they’re safe.

I want you to see yourself squeezing these marbles in your hand,

And feel the tension and even the pain you might be experiencing in your hand, in your fist, your arm and even your body because of it.

Now we’re going to go ahead and take 3 deep breaths when I say,

And on each breath in this release meditation, I want you to breathe in love, breathe in compassion and breathe in grace for yourself.

And on every breath out, I want you to watch as your hand opens up, and lets each of those marbles fall.

And let’s take our first deep breath,

Breathing in love and feeling it come into your body as it expands.

And as you breathe out, release those marbles, release all those things you’re trying to control.

Take another deep breath in, breathing in compassion and letting it fill you up inside as you breathe into this release meditation.

And on your exhale, releasing the tension in your hand, releasing your grip.

And one last deep breath in, breathing in grace and understanding for yourself,

And as you exhale, feel all the remaining tension and all of those marbles release.

See as your hand now is empty, and comes back to its normal, natural place next to you.


surrender in release meditation
Photographer: Dyu – Ha | Source: Unsplash

And I want you to notice how much lighter you feel in this moment.

I want you to notice how much your heartbeat has slowed down.

How much your breathing has slowed down.

And just be here with me now.

This moment, this release meditation is all that exists right now.

You are here.

And you’re doing the best job that you possibly can right now.

So full of love. Full of kindness. And full of compassion.

Surrender to this moment.

Surrender to what is.


Take a deep breath in, filling your belly with air, letting that oxygen fill you up and cleanse you.

And exhale, relaxing even deeper into your position.

Now, just notice.

Notice the soft warmth in the center of you.

This is your glow. Your light. Your inner voice that exists beyond all fears, beyond all circumstances.

She is here and is so strong. And resilient. And creative.

Feel this glow inside of you. And just notice how peaceful it feels to be here.

Your glow will guide you as you continue to navigate your days and your weeks and your months ahead.

And she will never steer you wrong.

You have everything inside of you that you could possibly need right now.

Take a moment in this release meditation and notice the warmth expanding from your center and feel it in your body, in your fingers and in your toes and in your face.

And go ahead and take one last deep breath in, filling up your entire body, letting this inhale expand your light,

And on your exhale, relax deeper…into the knowing that you are perfect in this moment, just the way you are.

Namaste, Beautiful.

The Story Behind the Meditation

I am a recovering control freak. Or maybe, I should say an “aware” control freak. I want to control my world – my body, my work, my kids, my relationship, my family. And I want to control the world outside of me (be gone, Coronavirus!). I want to control things so I can feel secure and safe. Because being “out of control” is scary. It’s scary not to know what’s about to happen. It’s scary to be unsure. It’s scary to feel unstable.

Through the years, I’ve learned that the opposite of “tight control” is not “out of control.” It’s not “crazy,” or “chaos.”

It’s FLOW.

To be in FLOW means that you are able to surrender to what is and ease into the natural rhythm of life. And boy oh boy, is there an immense amount of freedom here.

Freedom from the stress of control (both physical and mental).

Freedom from the “shoulds.”

Freedom from living by a script that has been placed upon you and freedom to write your own script.

In this season of the Coronavirus pandemic, there are so many things I have tried desperately to control. My schedule, my husband, my 4 year old’s school work, my emotions…and doing so has caused so much frustration and pain.

But as I continue to practice releasing that control and surrendering to what is, I find myself in FLOW and therefore, more capable of seeing the beauty of what is here for me, instead of what I so desperately want to force.

It opens my awareness up to new possibilities, opportunities and ways of living. It allows me to put more trust into my own inner voice who is guiding me with confidence into the unknown.

I let myself put my focus on controlling the things I can (drinking enough water, eating well, working out, getting enough sleep) and releasing the things I can’t (having no childcare help right now).

So today and every day you might need it, I hope this meditation Release, Surrender and Glow helps you ease into the natural rhythm of your life, helping you let go of all those things you’re desperately trying to control and instead tune into your own inner voice so she can guide you confidently through these moments.

Namaste, Beautiful,