Release Nighttime Anxiety Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you breathe deeply into peaceful sleep as you release nighttime anxiety.

The night has come and it’s time to put your mind and body at ease. 

To release all the worries, anxieties and emotions that seem to rain down upon you at the end of the day.

So you can breathe deeply into peaceful sleep.

So Let’s Begin…


So go ahead and let yourself settle into your bed,

Getting yourself into your most favorite sleeping position.

And take your first deep breath in, filling your chest and belly with the fresh air of the evening,

And on your exhale, release out any tension you may be feeling in your body.

Another deep breath in, expanding with nourishing oxygen,

And exhale the heaviness.

Last deep breath in, filling your belly as much as you can,

And then let all the air out and fall deeper into your position.

Bring your breathing to its natural, easy rhythm,

And just be here for a bit,

Aware of the natural slowing down of your breath,

The slowing down of your heartbeat,

The slowing down of your mind.



Thoughts may begin popping up,

Wanting to invade your mind with visions of things to worry about,

Tasks to finish,

Even deep fears to feel.

Just observe as these thoughts or visions arrive,

And see if you can imagine moving them from out of your mind into an open, empty room.

One by one, imagine yourself moving these thoughts into this room, shutting the door behind you each time you leave one.

Move those thoughts,

Place them in the room,

Releasing their power,

Releasing the pain,

Releasing the tension,

Releasing the anxiety.

Breathe it all out of you,

And feel yourself melt further into your bed.


Now imagine yourself approaching the door to this room.

Your mind is relaxed and you feel safe, knowing all of the thoughts, emotions and anxieties are outside of you and in this room.

As the door opens, you look inside the room.

And instead of it being full of everything you had just placed there,

Instead, you see yourself sitting on the floor.

This is you as a little child.

She’s anxious.


And the embodiment of all those worries and emotions you just placed here.


Your body immediately fills with compassion for this little girl, for yourself.

So you slowly approach her, sit down,

And embrace her with tenderness and love.

It’s okay, you hear yourself saying to her.

Everything’s going to be okay.

This moment is all there is and right now, you are safe, lying in your bed, listening to these words and surrounded by love.

She melts in your arms and surrenders to you.

Let it go, my love, you say.

You are safe.

And everything is already okay.

It’s time to sleep.

Let me hold you as you give yourself to the night,

Trusting she will hold you with care, just as I am,

And deliver you to the morning peacefully.


Let it go.

Let it all go.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful

Ka'Tia Alderman