Release Negative Thinking Meditation

This release negative thinking meditation will help you release the negative thinking you might be experiencing right now. Giving yourself permission to let go of negative thoughts that don’t serve you well.

Release Negative Thinking Meditation

There are millions of thoughts that come through our minds every single day. And some of them are negative. And sometimes, for a variety of reasons, or even for no apparent reason at all, we cling onto those negative thoughts and let them take us down a spiral of negative thinking. This can quickly leave us feeling angry, sad, anxious and even depressed.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to help you release the negative thinking you might be experiencing right now. Giving yourself permission to let go of negative thoughts that don’t serve you well. So you can find freedom and joy in the space it creates.

So Let’s Begin…

woman who will release negative thinking
Photographer: Simona Andreas | Source: Unsplash

Release Negative Thinking Meditation Script

So invite yourself to settle into a position that’s comfortable for you,

Where you can feel relaxed and alert.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, inviting in the possibility of freshness and positivity.

And exhale.

Take one more deep breath in,

And exhale all the way to the end of your breath.

Bring your breathing to its natural rhythm,

And as you find your cadence, silently say to yourself, breathe in, when you breathe in.

And breathe out as you breathe out.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Now imagine that you’re sitting on a big, soft rug in the middle of a spacious room. This is your room…a room in which you feel completely comfortable and safe.

Feel your hands graze along the softness of the rug.

Notice the light beaming in from all the windows, illuminating your space.

You watch as the front door opens and a dog walks in.

Immediately, you think nothing of it. The dog is minding her own business, sniffing around your room, not bothering you.

Your attention is on her. Observing her.

The door opens again and in walks another dog.

The two dogs see each other and start barking. Out of excitement or threat, you can’t tell. But the barking continues. What was minutes ago just a curious dog is now a loud disruption.

Again, the door opens and ten more dogs invite themselves into your precious space.

They’re barking. They’re sniffing. They’re jumping. They’re running.

They’re loud. They’re overwhelming.

It’s all too much.

So you take a deep breath in and rise from your rug.

And you approach one of the dogs and tenderly place your hand on her head, gently letting your fingers caress her fur.

Her barking stops. Her movement stops. She softens and relaxes and melts into your touch.

You ask her to leave and feel immediate relief as she heads out the door.

One by one, you approach each dog with a loving hand, caress her and ask her to leave.

And one by one, each dog heads out of your room, until the room is once again, full of light and peacefully quiet.

Imagine yourself sitting back on your soft, comfortable rug, drinking in the space. Enjoying the silence. Enjoying the peace.

woman relaxing and releasing negative thinking
Photographer: Jeffery Erhunse | Source: Unsplash


For the next few minutes, I want you to imagine this same scenario. And instead of dogs coming into your room, I want you to identify all the negative thoughts coming in. See them around you.

And when you’re ready, imagine yourself approaching them gently and asking them to leave.

Until your beautiful, peaceful room is all yours again.

Imagine those negative thoughts now…


Now bring your attention back to your breath,

And let yourself take a deep, cleansing breath in,

And on your exhale, release any residual thoughts that may be lingering.

Notice yourself feeling lighter. Calmer.

And know that you now have a clean and open space to invite in the thoughts that help you feel joyful, creative and free.

Namaste, Beautiful.