Reimagining the Year Ahead Meditation

Today’s reimagining the year ahead meditation will give you a sacred space to reimagine the year ahead.

Your past does not need to dictate your future.

No matter what the past year brought to your doorstep,

You can be the creator of the year ahead.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you a sacred space to reimagine the year ahead. To let go of the challenges, pain or experiences that have occurred in the past so you can create anew in this present moment.

So Let’s Begin…

reimagining the year meditation


So allow yourself to settle,

Closing your eyes and relaxing your body,

Consciously slowing down your breathing,

And becoming aware of the way your breath moves your body.

Maybe even placing your hand on your belly,

So you can feel it expand as you breathe in,

And contract as you breathe out.



Woman looking forward, from her side. reimagining the year
Photographer: Alev Takil | Source: Unsplash

Your life exists right here.

In this moment.

Like a diamond, the pressure and experiences of the past have shaped you into the glorious gem you are right now.

Breathe in gratitude for it all.

No matter how challenging it has been,

It has brought you here.


But your past does not need to imprison the possibilities of your future.

It can teach you.

It can evolve you.

But it cannot define you.

So take a deep breath in and give yourself permission to breathe out all the limiting beliefs that may be living inside of you.

Perhaps they sound like…

Life is hard.

There’s too much suffering and negativity in the world.

I can’t do what I really want to do.

Just breathe them out with every exhale.

Letting them go.

Breathe them out.


Now, feel the spaciousness inside of you.

An opening.

A new space to imagine.

Free of expectations.

Free of boundaries.

Free of definitions.

Your place of joyful creation.

Feel the warmth spread throughout your body.

And simply be here.

With this open space.


Now for the next few minutes, I want you to allow yourself to play with the answers to this question.

What do you want to create in the year ahead?

There are no limits.

Let yourself sit with this question, and see what comes up.


Now bring your attention to your breathing,

Back to the movement of your body.

And bring your hands to your heart.

The year ahead is yours to create, my love.

For yourself.

For others.

For the world.

And it starts here.

In the present moment.

From a place of love, connection and intention.

Namaste, Beautiful.