Reconnect to the Child Within You

Today’s child within you meditation will help you deeply connect to the child within you.

Wonder, magic and so many giggles existed when we were little girls. We were fascinated by the bugs outside, exploded in laughter often, and moved our bodies with full expression. It felt good and simple. So today’s meditation will help you reconnect to the child within you. The one who is deeply connected to the present moment, the wide range of her emotions and the magic that exists all around her.

So Let’s Begin…

child within you meditation


Let’s begin by settling into a position that’s comfortable for you,

Closing your eyes and gently bringing your attention onto your breath.

Find its rhythm,

Its soft circular motion that regulates your body.

Expand your breathing,

Slowing down your heartbeat,

Slowing down your mind.

And find a thread of stillness inside of you.

Be here,

And breathe…


Photographer: Caroline Hernandez | Source: Unsplash

See if you can imagine yourself as a child,

Standing outside in the sun,

Feeling the grass under your feet,

And holding a small wildflower you just picked.

Give yourself a moment to look at it,

To really look at it.


Let your eyes widen in wonder as they explore the colorful petals,

Noticing the almost invisible grooves etched into each of them,

The fuzzy center from which everything explodes towards the sun.


Let your fingers gently graze over the tiny hairs on the stem,

Caressing its soft strength.

And breathe in its light, earthy fragrance,

Letting its essence bring a relaxing smile to your face.


Feel the lightness in your heart.

Here with this wildflower,

You are rooted.


Conscious of the greatness of the Universe and how she is you,

And the flower,

And this moment.


You are a child,

A little girl who has no awareness of stress or obligations or limits,

But is instead filled with wonder, curiosity, laughter and freedom.

A luminous child who sees the world through her senses and through her divine soul.


And float in it all.


Namaste, Beautiful.