Realign Yourself Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you realign yourself.

Come back home, beautiful.

Back to the place of harmony.

Back to the feelings of ease,


And living in alignment with your divine purpose.

It’s time to realign yourself,

And feel the peace, flow and joy that reside here.

So Let’s Begin…



So breathe,

And be here for a few moments.

Calling your body to slow down,

As your breath guides you to stillness.


As the thoughts arise,

Just notice them,

And then invite them to move along,

Like clouds passing you by in the sky.

And then reconnect with your breath,

With its soothing rhythm,

And come deeper into yourself.


We all fall out of alignment at times.

We can let our egos,

Other people,

And the world pull us out of our center.

Until one day, we recognize that we’re burnt out,

Or unhappy,

Or lost in habits that are disempowering.


And then we suffer.

We experience pain,



And confusion.

These are the nudges from the universe that we are out of alignment,

And it’s time to come back home.


So breathe,

And feel the connection between your breath and your body,

The way the two dance with each other,

Support each other,

And coexist.

Your breath comes in,

And your body expands as it receives the air.

Your breath goes out,

And your body contracts as it gives the air.

Giving and receiving.

Expanding and contracting.

Filling and emptying.

This is the dance of harmony,

Living here,

Right now,

In this one single breath.


Alignment is your natural state.

There’s no work you have to do.

No checklist you have to mark in order to be aligned.

It’s here waiting for you to simply let go of everything else that isn’t YOU.


So let go of the stress.

Let go of the fears.

Let go of the imperfections.

Feel them each fall off of you with every breath out,

Like leaves falling one by one from the tree.

Let go of the expectations.

Let go of the responsibilities.

Let go of the past and the future.

And be here now.

In this perfectly imperfect moment,

One with your breath,

One with this moment,

And one with yourself.

Namaste, Beautiful