Put On Your Crown, Beautiful

Today’s put on your crown meditation will help you remember that you are a Queen.

This meditation was inspired by one of our listeners, Katherine in Australia. Thank you for being such a beacon of light and strength for women around the world.

You were born a Queen.

A divine, regal being of light.

Born with incomprehensible strength, wisdom and beauty.

Full of grace and love.

There may be times when you forget,

You feel unsure,

Or knocked down by life.

Just put on your crown, beautiful, and you’ll be reminded of who you are at your core.

Who you are just because you were born.

You are a Queen.

So Let’s Begin…

put on your crown


So close your eyes and come inside,

As you settle your body.

Tuning into its gentle noises and rhythms.

Becoming aware of this present moment and how special it is in its ordinariness.

Observing yourself sitting here,

Eyes closed,

Belly expanding and contracting with your slow, easy breathes.

The miracle of your body working for you, giving you life and carrying you through this world.

The specialness of you taking this time to feed your soul with this meditation.

Honor yourself,

And breathe…


You are a Queen.

A woman who has been born into greatness,

Who has been bestowed with the privileges of living this life,

Of feeling deeply the happiness and the sadness that it can bring.

Of being completely floored by the heaviness of its challenges,

Of being off-kilter and far away from your center,

And still having the ability to find your way home.

You are a woman whose royalty does not make you better than or less than others,

But rather lives and evolves within your soul,

And easily recognized the Queens all around you.

This life is yours to make,

This royal power is yours to take.

All you have to do is put on your crown, beautiful,

And claim it.


Place it on your head and feel the warm, tingling energy of its magic pour over you like water,

Dripping down from your head,

Onto your shoulders and chest,

Down your belly and hips,

Your legs and your feet.

Let it drench you with its calming truth.

You are home.

You are a Queen.


Namaste, Beautiful.