Put Down Your Phone and Come to Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s put down your phone and come to sleep meditation will help relax you into deep sleep.

It’s time to stop the scrolling, watching and clicking,

And let your brain release from the constant flow of information.

Let your energy come inward,

Away from the photos, emails, posts or shows that are keeping you awake.

It’s time to put down your phone, beautiful,

And come to sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

woman getting ready for her sleep meditation
Photographer: Jonathan Borba | Source: Unsplash


So go ahead and snuggle into your favorite sleeping position,

Close your eyes,

And exhale a big, loud sigh.

Releasing the day and signaling to your body that you’re ready to rest.


sleep meditation
Photographer: Kelly Sikkema | Source: Unsplash

Go ahead and adjust yourself if you need to,

Relieving any kinks or tension you may have.

And then take a deep breath in,

And as you exhale, feel yourself melt into your bed.


With your eyes closed, the noise inside your head may seem loud.

Maybe it’s reminding you about something needed for tomorrow.

Perhaps it’s giving you a vision of something that happened earlier today.

Maybe it’s nudging you with subconscious worries or anxieties.

Or maybe it feels just like the feed you see on your phone,

One story after another popping up for you to digest,

Layering you with information,

Leaving you feeling heavy and even a bit chaotic.

It’s okay…

Your brain’s job is to make thoughts.

And all you have to do,

Is let them go,

Releasing them into the night,

And coming back here to sleep.


So as we go through our meditation tonight and you hear any of these noises in your head,

Just imagine each one existing your body through your exhale, and disappearing into the night.


Now feel the gentle movement of your body,

The beautiful waves of breathing moving through you,

Expanding your chest and belly as you breathe in,

And contracting everything as you breathe out.

Over and over again,

In a perfect rhythm,

Breathing in,

And breathing out.


Let your forehead soften,

Your jaw release and your cheeks relax.

Allow your shoulders to drop

And your arms get heavy,

Feeling your chest melt into your bed.

Breathe it all out,

Releasing the day, the thoughts, the visions and the emotions.

And come back to your body to rest.


Feel the heaviness of your belly,

Your hips,

Your legs

And your feet surrender their weight into the support beneath you.



There is nothing more for you to do,

Nothing more for you to see.

Nothing more for you to figure out.

Everything left undone will be here for you tomorrow if you choose it.

The nighttime has come and in this moment,

You are safe.

And you are loved.

Allow the calmness of the night to embrace you.


Float into deep sleep, beautiful.

And if thoughts arise, let each of them dissolve into the night every time you breathe out.

And feel the lightness and the spaciousness inside of you,

Sinking you deeper into restorative rest.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful