Protect Your Energy Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will protect your energy as you sleep tonight.

Feel the protective layers of love cover you tonight,

Like a force field surrounding your entire body,

Protecting your energy,

And deflecting anything toxic,


Or negative as you fall into deep sleep tonight.

So Let’s Begin…

protect your energy sleep meditation


So breathe in deeply, my love,

Filling your body and your mind with peace.

And then breathe out,

As you soften your body deep into your bed.


Feel the soothing cadence of your breath,

Slowing you down.

Listen to the soft whispers of the night,

Calling you home,

Deep into the core of you.


Feel the soft, warm glow of your soul at your center.

The deepest, most pure part of you.

She knows what you need,

She knows what makes you thrive.

And she’s ready to erect the walls of protection tonight,

So nothing can harm you,

So nothing unwanted can enter,

And you can remain in harmony with yourself.


So let your breath carry you inside,

And feel that warm, golden glow of your soul.

Let it soften you from the inside,

As your body melts deeper into your bed.

Let it soothe your mind with confidence,

As it reminds you of who you are.



And feel the golden glow inside of you slowly expand.

This knowing,

This deep sense of self.

Feel it grow bigger with every breath in,

Expanding out from your heart,

Into your chest,

Spreading out into your arms and hands.


Feel the warmth of the golden light travel down the length of your back,

Into your stomach,

Down to your hips,

Softly moving down your thighs,

Warming your legs,

And into your feet.


Watch as the golden glow of your soul soothes your shoulders,

Your neck,

And deeply relaxes your face.

Feel the light illuminate your mouth,

Your eyes,

And the top of your head.


And let the gentle warmth of this golden glow cover you from head to toe.


The light expands further from you as it creates a shield around you,

Protecting your glow,

Protecting your energy.

Everything is safe in here.

Nothing can touch you.


Feel the strong force of your golden glow surrounding you,

And trust its power.

No matter how toxic,

Or negative,

Or scary the outside forces might be,

They cannot invade you,

They cannot penetrate the field of protection around you.


So feel yourself relax even deeper,

As waves of peace wash over you.

And feel any last worries or thoughts dissolve.

You are safe here.

You are protected.


So sleep, dear one,

There’s nothing for you to fear.


And be warmed by the golden glow of protection that comes from within you.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.