Prosperity While You Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you soothe into sleep as you swim in the visions of your abundant, prosperous life. 

“See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it.”

This quote by Bob Proctor infuses the intention of tonight’s meditation, which is to soothe yourself to sleep as you swim in the visions of your abundant, prosperous life.


So let’s begin by inviting your body to settle into your bed,

Allowing it to move around a bit, free to find comfort in whatever position feels best for you. 

And when you find it, 

Take a big, deep breath in, feeling the air go deep into every part of your body,

And then exhale all the air out. 

Take one more deep breath in, filling up your chest and belly with cool, cleansing air,

And then breathe it out, 

And sink deeper into your position.


Be here.

And breathe.

Your attention on the simple and miraculous motion of your breathing.

The soothing rhythm,

The soft tingling that eventually fills your body as the oxygen floods you.

The calmness that arises after every breath out.


And be still.


And be here.

Deeply relaxed.

Releasing any thoughts,

Any emotions,

As you breathe.


Prosperity begins with gratitude for what we already have.

So invite yourself to take some time to swim in the fullness of your blessings.

Imagining them floating around you now as your heart smiles with thanks.

Gratitude for your health,

Your family and friends,

Your shelter and all the things that make your life yours right now.

Be thankful and feel prosperous now.


Breathe in and be one with prosperity right now.


Now let your body relax, 

And imagine your dreams tapping you on your shoulder, 

Ready to play.

Breathe deeply and let her take you by the hand,

And walk you through a luscious green park.

The warm sun is shining and the sounds of animals sing in the background.

Everything is alive,


Filled with possibility,

And it’s all for you.

Let yourself play here,

On the playgrounds of prosperity,

Imagining all the ways you envision abundance are coming to life before your eyes.  


Perhaps you see money flowing in easily, filling you with trust and feelings of security.

Maybe you see yourself in optimal health, running in the distance.

Perhaps you see an abundance of time manifesting as travel and relaxation.

Just be here and walk through your park of prosperity,

Allowing your dreams to play.


It’s all yours, my love.

Born from the deep roots of gratitude for what you have now, 

The vastness of your abundant dreams are here for you. 

And you are worthy of every single one of them. 

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful

Ka'Tia Alderman