Practice Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you practice being comfortable being uncomfortable.

I still remember the way Fiona Apple’s lyrics jumped out at me when I heard them so many years ago. In her song, Extraordinary Machine, there’s a line that says, but I’m good at being uncomfortable, so I can’t stop changing all the time.

And then a few lines later…

But he’s no good at being uncomfortable, so he can’t stop staying exactly the same.

I remember making the connection back then that to change, to evolve, means that we’re going to be uncomfortable. So it’s a good practice to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

So today, I want to share a meditation with you that will give you the opportunity to practice being comfortable being uncomfortable – both physically and metaphorically – so you can use it as a tool as you continue your own beautiful evolution.

So Let’s Begin…

hands folded


So let yourself settle into a seated position,

Either sitting cross legged or with your legs slightly parted in front of you.

Now as you draw your breath in,

See if you can straighten your spine just a bit,

Pulling your shoulders back,

And pushing your chest out.

Find that place that isn’t too rigid,

But still erect and relaxed.

And then find your breath.

Following its movement in and out of your nose.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.


Keeping this position, place your hands on your legs,

Palms facing up.

Nice and relaxed,

Let your fingers either rest into a position that’s comfortable,

Or lightly touch your middle finger to your thumb.

Now breathe,

And feel the air easily filling up your body in this position,

Cleansing you,

Calming you.


There is no perfect meditation position,

And perhaps you’re recalling that these meditations rarely ask you to be in a certain position.

But today, we’re practicing sitting here very deliberately,

Aware it may be different for you,

Aware that it may bring up some physical discomfort,

So you can practice being comfortable being uncomfortable.

So for the next few minutes, we’re simply going to practice being here,

Present in this position.

One with your breath,

And connected to your body.

And if your body sends you messages of discomfort,

See if you can simply be with those discomforts, instead of changing them.

Now breathe…


Now bring your attention to your breath,

Taking a deep breath in,

And on your exhale, go ahead and release this position if you’d like,

And settle into one that’s more comfortable for you.


Now take a moment to think about anything in your life that feels uncomfortable right now.

Perhaps there are discomforts in your work,

In your relationships,

In your health,

Or in your finances.

See if you can bring to mind just one example of a situation or thing that is uncomfortable or unsettled for you right now.

And then be here with it.

Without changing it.

Without thinking of solutions.

Without judging it.

Just sit with it.

Releasing any meaning it may have for you,

Like petals falling from a flower.

And just observing it for the next little bit.


You are a woman of love and light,

And your special journey is a constantly evolving work of art,

That asks for you to practice being comfortable being uncomfortable,

So that you may flourish as you are destined to.

I hope today’s practice helped.

Namaste, Beautiful