Pain Relief Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s pain relief sleep meditation will help you relieve your pain at night.

Relax into the healing sheets of your bed tonight, beautiful, as you invite in relief from your pain, and surrender to the sweet lullabies of sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


So squeeze your eyes shut for a moment,

Letting your whole face tighten for just a few seconds,

And then let it go,

Letting the heaviness of your eyes settle in,

And the softening of your face relax you.


Now listen,

And hear the soft breezes of air traveling in and out of your nose with every breath.

Feel your belly rise with every breath in,

And fall with every breath out.

Bring your attention here,

To the slow rhythms of your breathing,

To your body’s calming music of the night.



As your body melts,

And your mind turns liquid,

Let your breath find the pain.


See if you can imagine a soft, warm red glow emanating from those painful spots on your body,



Simply observe these spots,

Feeling their heat,

And seeing the red.


Now take a deep breath in,

Filling your entire body with soothing, cool blue air,

And as you exhale, imagine the pain being released from your body,

Leaving through your out breath.

Breathe in deep again, inviting the healing blue air to soothe those red areas,

And exhale, releasing the pulsating pain from your body.

Settle your breathing into a nice, easy rhythm,

And drop in deeper into comfort.


With every breath out,

Let go of the tension,

Let go of the tightness.


With every breath in,

Feel the cooling blue smooth out the pain,

Dissolving the knots and kinks.

Watch as the blue energy relaxes your muscles,

Stretches your spine,

And releases the aching.

And imagine it all exiting your body with every breath out.


Watch as all those red areas of your body,

Slowly turn blue with healing and relief.

And imagine that soft blue slowly spreading throughout your body,

Relieving any pain in your head,

Your jaw,

Your neck,


Arms and hands.


Feel the soothing tingling of the blue energy flutter across your chest,

Your belly,

The length of your back,

Your hips,

And thighs.


Let the blue energy continue down your legs,

Your feet,

And your toes,

Dissolving any last remnants of red pain,

As you breathe it all out.


As you lay here, glowing with the soft hum of blue healing,

Let your body fall deeper into your bed,

And drift off peacefully into the comforts of sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.