No More Nightmares

Tonight’s no more nightmares meditation will help guide your mind away from the nightmares and into a peaceful dreamland, so you can sleep.

Come with me tonight as we guide your mind away from the nightmares

And into a peaceful dreamland.

A place where your body can relax,

Your thoughts can dissolve,

And your spirit can rest.

So Let’s Begin…

No More Nightmares meditation
Photographer: Fabian Oelkers | Source: Unsplash


So close your eyes,

And let yourself find the natural, soothing rhythm of your body.

Noticing the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe.

And take a moment to consciously stretch out the length of your inbreath and your outbreath,

Inviting them to last just a little bit longer each time you breathe in,

And breathe out.

Noticing how that expansion slows you down.

Slows down your heart rate.

Slows down your mind.

And relaxes your body.


no more nightmare meditation
Photographer: Lukas Robertson | Source: Unsplash

Everything is ok.

Be here now.

In this bed.

With this music.

With my voice.

Imagine yourself melting into this meditation,

Laying back and floating down a stream of these words,

Feeling the freedom of your outstretched body relaxing into the soft current,

Allowing the warmth of the night to soothe you.

Surrender into this peaceful stream,

And invite yourself to float into dreamland.



And if any thoughts or visions or emotions arise,

Imagine yourself placing each of them on the soft, green banks of this peaceful river.

And then let yourself continue to float away downstream.

One by one,

Leaving them behind on the riverbank.

As you breathe and relax further into the soft current.


You are safe here,

Embraced by the comforting river of words and music.

So let yourself fall further into her arms as she takes you down stream.

Release and relax,

Release and relax,

And feel the warmth of the night cover you like a blanket,

Covering you with love,

With peace,

With quiet.



Sweet Dreams, Beautiful