Morning Mini Series – Rise & Shine Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will create a feeling of excitement, peace and appreciation for the day ahead, so you can shine from the inside out.

This is part ONE of a 3 part morning meditation mini series. Meditation is such a refreshing and empowering way to begin your day. So I hope you enjoy this series and come back to every time you want to begin your day with intention and love.

Rise and shine, beautiful.

The new day is here and now is your time to greet her with love, with gratitude, with intention.

No matter what happened yesterday,

Or what’s on the schedule for today,

NOW is the only moment that matters.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to create a feeling of excitement, peace and appreciation for the day ahead, so you can shine from the inside out.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation


Let’s begin by sitting in a comfortable position that allows you to feel relaxed and also alert.

Take your first, deep breath in, inviting in the cool air to fill you up,

And letting it all out on your exhale.

Another deep breath in, feeling the refreshing air expand your chest and your belly,

And let it all out.

Let your breathing slow down into a normal, easy rhythm,

And see if you can feel your body relaxing a little bit more every time you breathe out.



Allow yourself to imagine a tiny little fairy is hovering in front of you.

Her wings are flapping quickly and she’s holding a wand that’s illuminating boldly with white light.

She smiles at you, and you know she’s here for you. Safe. Kind.

You welcome her magic on this new morning.


morning meditation
Photographer: Elijah Hiett | Source: Unsplash

She reaches her arm out and softly touches your forehead with her wand.

Immediately, you feel the comforting coolness of her touch,

And can see that the light from her wand is now inside of you.

Breathe it in,

And notice that with every breath in, this refreshing, magical white light spreads throughout your body.

Illuminating your eyes,

Your mouth,

Your heart,

Your arms and hands,

Your belly,

Your legs and feet.


You are glowing with the light of love.

Aware of the miracle of this moment.

This new day.

This chance to live intentionally, joyfully, and fully.

Feel the fresh energy radiating from your body.


What’s important is not what actually occurs today.

It’s how you show up to the day ahead.

And right now, in this moment…you glow from the inside out.

May you bring that energy to this amazing day.

Namaste, Beautiful

Katie Krimitsos