Morning Mini Series – Be Present With the Silence of the Morning

Today’s morning meditation will give you the space to be present with the silence of the morning, so you can open up the spaciousness inside of you and connect to your true self.

This is part TWO of a 3 part morning meditation mini series. Meditation is such a refreshing and empowering way to begin your day. So I hope you enjoy this series and come back to every time you want to begin your day with intention and love.

It is so easy to busy our minds as soon as we wake up in the morning.

We check our phones, start thinking about the day ahead and even ponder the worries of yesterday or tomorrow.

It’s normal. Our brain’s job is to think.

But when we give ourselves the space to be quiet, to sit in silence, to not have an agenda, we open up the spaciousness inside of us to connect with our true selves. And this connection helps us to navigate the day ahead. And also to create our lives, piece by piece. Mindfully. Intentionally. Lovingly.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you that space. So you can be present with the silence of the morning and allow your day to unfold from there.

So Let’s Begin…

girl doing morning meditation


So go ahead and close your eyes if they’re not already,

And allow your body to find that place of relaxation and alertness.

Letting your breath find its own slow, natural rhythm.

Aware of your body expanding as you breathe in,

And contracting as you breathe out.

Noticing if thoughts start popping up in your mind,

Eager to grab your attention.

As you notice any of these thoughts or emotions,

Just let them go,

Perhaps imagining them leaving your mind through every breath out.

And then bringing your awareness back to the rhythm of your breathing.


This morning time is special.



Filled with possibility.

So right now, I invite you to surrender to it.

To allow yourself to be truly present with the silence for the next 5 minutes.

Your mind may want to distract you, and that’s okay.

Simply notice when the thoughts arise,

And let them go,

Returning to your breath to access the present moment.

There is no agenda here.

Nothing to accomplish.

Only a practice of presence.

So let’s begin.


morning meditation
Photographer: OC Gonzalez | Source: Unsplash

Everything you could possibly imagine for yourself is right here in this moment.

I honor you for being here with me this morning.

Have the most amazing day.

Namaste, Beautiful