Morning Meditation to Help You Glow

This is a morning meditation to help you glow. You can listen to it daily to help you shine.

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Morning Meditation to Help You Glow

The definition of GLOW is to “give out steady light.”

And it’s your natural state.

But sometimes, you can wake up feeling off, or stressed or just heavy with the responsibilities of life.

And it can cover your light.

But you are meant to shine!

You are meant to glow!

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you a morning meditation practice that you can use daily that will help you start your day by getting in touch with your natural glow.

woman glowing after morning meditation
Photographer: Gian Cescon | Source: Unsplash

Morning Meditation to Help You Glow, Guided Meditation Script

Let’s begin by closing your eyes and getting comfortable.

Maybe you’re sitting cross legged, or in a chair with your feet on the ground. Or maybe even lying down.

Your position doesn’t matter…as long as you’re comfortable and alert.

Now take one deep, cleansing breath in…inviting in the newness of the day as you fill your body with air.

And exhale it all the way out, bringing your breath into a comfortable, easy rhythm.


As your eyes close and your attention comes inward,

Take a second to notice the air touching your skin,

Notice any sounds you may hear around you,

And feel the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe.

Be here. Right now.

Noticing when a thought comes up for you,

And letting it go, coming back to the present moment.


just breathe morning meditation
Photographer: Tim Goedhart | Source: Unsplash

Today is a new day, beautiful.

You have the opportunity to start fresh…right here, right now.

To invite in love, gratitude and joy.

And to give kindness, grace and love.

And the source of all of it is inside of you.

So take a deep breath in and feel the deep warmth at the center of you,

A glowing sphere, radiating a rainbow of colors from its core.

Feel yourself smile and relax as you recognize it as YOU. Your essence. Your own, personal, unique glow.


Now bring your attention to your breath,

Every time you breathe in at your natural rhythm, imagine that oxygen giving more life to your glow.

See each of the colors grow a little brighter and a little bigger with each breath in.

Until the reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples, whites, oranges and greens are radiating all around you.

Illuminating from the inside out.


woman morning meditation glowing
Photographer: Drew Colins | Source: Unsplash

Feel the lightness,

The joy,

The gratitude.

You glow, beautiful.

And now, I want you to take a second to think about how you can take your glow into your day.

Your hugs, your words, your actions…they can all give light to others.

Your glow can help ignite someone else’s.

Just envision those you love stepping into your light and how good it makes them feel.

And how good that makes you feel.

And see as your glow gets brighter.

You are meant to shine!


Now start to move your fingers and your toes, slowly bringing yourself back into this moment…this day.

Gently open your eyes…bring your hands to your heart.

Bow your head, grateful for this time you created just for you.

The light in me honors the light in you.

Namaste, beautiful.