Morning Clarity Meditation

The intention of this morning clarity meditation is to help you start fresh and infuse your day with love and clarity.

Morning Clarity Meditation

This is your time to connect with yourself and gain clarity for the day ahead.

Time to start fresh and infuse your day with intention and love.

So Let’s Begin…

woman doing a morning clarity meditation
Morning Clarity Meditation


So close your eyes and settle into a position that’s comfortable for you.

Allowing your body to drop into a place where you feel relaxed and alert.

Focus on your breath,

And with each breath out, imagine yourself melting your body further into comfort.

And also let your outbreath release any residual emotions, thoughts or weight leftover from the night.

Relax and release.

Relax and release.


Now shift your attention to your inbreath, and imagine that each time you breathe in, a light freshness infuses your body with energy.

Notice how it fills you,

Expands you,

Cleanses you.



woman doing a morning clarity meditation
Photographer: Emma Simpson | Source: Unsplash

Surrender to this space of lightness, this space of freshness.

Feel the spaciousness it creates inside of you.

And allow your mind to be still,

Directing away any thoughts or emotions that desire entry into this precious space.

And just be here.

Allowing clarity to come to you,

Instead of you seeking it out.


If you desire clarity on anything in particular, go ahead and silently ask your question in this space, letting go of the need for an immediate answer.

And instead, just practice sitting in your calm place of stillness as your question marinates.


For the next few minutes, allow yourself to simply be here, sitting in your space of stillness.

If thoughts or emotions come up, that’s okay.

Simply redirect them away from the doors of your special space.

Watch them go by as you bring yourself back to the stillness.


May the day ahead be filled with love and light.

And may your path be clear as you connect deeply with yourself.

Namaste, Beautiful