Miracles in the Mundane

Today’s miracles in the mundane meditation will give you the opportunity to really feel how miraculous the mundane is…how miraculous every moment of your life actually is. How miraculous YOU ARE.

Today’s meditation will be especially helpful for you if you feel like you’re just going through the motions right now, or maybe feeling a little ho-hum about life, or even feeling like you’re barely keeping your head above water.

We can often feel these things because we get lost or overwhelmed with the details of our lives and maybe even a little obsessed with always striving for more, and in the process we can forget that there are miracles all around us…miracles in the mundane.

When we take the time to pause, to breathe, to get present, how we see things can completely change, transforming everyday, mundane moments into genuine miracles.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you the opportunity to really feel how miraculous the mundane is…how miraculous every moment of your life actually is. How miraculous YOU ARE.

So Let’s Begin…

Miracles in the Mundane


Let’s begin by bringing your attention inward,

Inviting your mind to detach from all those thoughts

And to focus on your breathing,

Your chest and belly rising and falling with each breath,

The sounds of air flowing in and out of your nose,

The position of your body,

The weight of it on the chair or bed or floor on which you’re positioned.


This practice of focusing on your breath and being aware of your body is a simple way to pull yourself into the present moment,

Away from thinking about the past or future,

And pulling you into what is now.

Photographer: Andrey Krasilnikov | Source: Unsplash

Be here,

With your breath,

And allow every breath out to release any stress or worries or frustrations you might be having right now,

Feeling yourself get lighter with every exhale.

Breathe in,

Breathe out and release.

Breathe in,

Breathe out and release.


Now imagine yourself back into the scene of a recent moment that happened.

A moment that seemed fairly mundane or routine at the time.

Perhaps the moment you’re thinking of was the rush of the morning.

Or driving around away from your home.

Maybe it was a phone call with a loved one,

Or even a shower you were taking yesterday.

Whatever moment you choose, focus in on it as if you were pausing a scene in a movie.

And breathe…


Allow yourself to slowly replay this scene,

These few moments that may have seemed ordinary at the time,

And imagine yourself pressing pause again.

What miracles can you see?


Is there another person in this scene with you whom you love?

Feel the gratitude for having them in your life.

What might this moment looked like through their eyes?

Were you using resources not everyone has in abundance? Water? Electricity? Money? Shelter?

Feel the gratitude for these resources.

Were you in good health? Was your body functioning well?

Feel the gratitude for your physical health.

For the next few minutes, allow yourself to watch this scene again, very slowly,

Eagerly picking out the miracles you see.


Now take a deep breath in and as you do, feel yourself filling with the refreshing air of gratitude,

And as you exhale, feel the lightness in your body,

In your mind,

In your soul.

Your life is filled with miracles, my love,

Every single moment of it.

And the more you recognize them and cultivate gratitude for them,

The more you will shine and live your life with joy,

No matter what is going on in the world around you.

Namaste, Beautiful

Katie Krimitsos