Love Your Body Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you rest in a deep love and appreciation for your body.

Ease into your bed and allow tonight’s meditation to be a love letter to your body, so you can feel gratitude, grace and love for it while you surrender to deep sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


You are beautiful from the inside out.

And your body is a gorgeous blessing.

No matter how big your thighs,

How soft your belly

How scarred your skin,

How absent a limb,

Or sick it may be…

Your body is glorious.

Just as it is.

Maybe you’ve struggled with it.

Maybe you’ve cursed it, pushed it, ignored it…even hated it.

But it’s yours…and it is breathtaking.


So take a deep breath in and feel it work for you,

Pulling in the oxygen you need to live,

So effortlessly,

And exhaling out all the days’ details as it relaxes into your bed.


monochrome persons feet
Photographer: How-Soon Ngu | Source: Unsplash

Stay here for a bit,

Observing your body as it gives you life through your breath.

Feeling the refreshing air as you breathe in,

And the calming release as you breathe out.


Dear body,

I love you.

Thank you for being here for me all these years.

Thank you for this breath,

Its automated rhythm gifting me with life every second of every day.

Thank you for this skin,

Its beautiful color, texture and gift of touch,

And all the scars and wrinkles that tell stories of adversity, love and adventure.

Thank you for these legs,

That have carried me with strength and love.

Thank you for all of my sexual and reproductive parts,

That have given me pleasure and the ability to carry life.

Thank you for my stomach,

And it’s ever changing shape.

Thank you for my breasts,

No matter their shape or size,

Thank you for my heart,

Constantly pumping life through my body.

Thank you for my shoulders and arms,

Allowing me to carry and embrace people and things I love.

Thank you for my hands,

As I express love and feel my world.

Thank you for my face…my eyes, nose, mouth and ears,

And all the tiny marks and wrinkles that belong only to me.

Thank you for my head,

For the brain that enables my body to move, dance, fight, cry, laugh, think and feel.

Thank you for my my mouth,

And the joy it feels as I savor the food that nourishes me.


Thank you for my body,

This amazing, miraculous body.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful