Love Is the Answer

Today’s love is the answer meditation is a powerful call to approach everything with love.

When you’re feeling down, love is the answer.

When fear has taken over, love is the answer.

When you’re lying on the floor in a pool of despair, love is the answer.

When the world looks scary and mean and unjust, love is the answer.

The seeds of love are planted in your soul, beautiful.

So come inside and eat their fruits,

And be nourished by their goodness.

Because when you are filled with love,

You will give it freely to others.

And help grow the beautiful, diverse garden of love around the world,

Where all of us can bloom in our own, special way.

So Let’s Begin…

love is the answer


So come into your breath,

The reliable, rhythmic giver of life,

That enters and exits without fail.

Breathing in,

And breathing out.

Feeling it fill you up every time you inhale,

And relax you further every time you exhale.


Now slow it down,

Elongating the breath each time.

Breathing in deeper,

And breathing out longer.

And feel your body slow down.

Feel your mind slow down.

Feel time slow down.

As you settle deeply into this soft, slow rhythm.


Now see if you can imagine all the things that feel unsettling for you right now.

The challenges,

The anxieties,

The fears,

The upsets.

Imagine every single one of them as tiny grains of sand,

Collecting themselves in front of you,

And then slowly culminating into a bowl on the floor.


This small bowl holds it all,

The countless grains of sand that are weighing on you.

The personal and global scenes of concern.

As you look down at this bowl of sand, take a deep breath in,

And feel your breath reach inside of you for seeds of love.


With every inhale,

Let your breath find these seeds.

They live in the laughter of your friends and family,

The tender hugs,

And the kindness others have shown you.


love is the answer
Photographer: Michael Fenton | Source: Unsplash

Breathe in and find the seeds of love that exist in the chirping of the birds,

The warmth of the dirt,

And the raindrops from the clouds.


These seeds of love live in your dreams,

And the hope you have for yourself and others.

Look around,

And see the endless seeds of love that exist within you.


Now imagine with every breath out,

Those countless seeds of love collect in front of you,

And slowly spread themselves across the vast garden all around you.

Breathe, and watch these seeds of love plant themselves into the rich soil,

Easily burying your small bowl of worries.

Those grains of sand will never compare to the endless seeds of love.


Now let your body relax deeply,

As you watch the breathtaking scene in front of you.

The seeds of love are sprouting, and growing the most diverse, luscious flowers, plants, herbs and vegetables imaginable.

Be here in your garden.

This is love.

Bright, colorful, connected and full of life.

Where no fear or negativity can exist.

Where love breeds more love.

And where you can see clearly that love is the answer.

Namaste, Beautiful