Liquid Mind Meditation

Today’s liquid mind meditation will help dissolve all those thoughts in your head and connect to the peace inside of you.

Liquid Mind Meditation

Our minds can fill up with thoughts so easily,

Spinning with all the details of life, worries and planning that can quickly overwhelm us.

Meditation becomes such a wonderful tool to use to quiet the mind and connect with our soul.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to help dissolve all those thoughts in your head, to let your mind be liquid, and to connect you to the peace inside of you.

So Let’s Begin…

mind meditation


Ease into a comfortable position,

And close your eyes.

Find your breath,

And notice that the attention that was just focused on all those swirling thoughts in your head,

Is now focused on your breathing.

Let yourself observe.

Noticing the soft rise and fall of your chest,

The movement of air coming in and out of your nose,

The way your breathing softens some of the tense parts of your body,

Releasing pressure from your jaw,

Your shoulders,

Your arms and your legs.


Now see if you can expand your breathing just a little bit,

Breathing in just a little deeper,

And breathing out just a little longer.

Let it slow you down,

Relax you.

Root you.


Perhaps some of those thoughts have begun popping up,

Asking you to come and play.

Without attaching to any of them, just notice the thoughts as they come up.

And see if you can imagine each one as a tiny little ball of neon light,

Running around furiously inside of your head, painting the space behind it with streaks of neon yellows, blues, greens and pinks as it moves.

Be still,

And watch the thoughts as they paint your mind.


Photographer: Sean Sinclair | Source: Unsplash

See the streaks of neon colors begin to embrace and merge into one another,

Creating liquid rainbows that cascade into a vast ocean.

See the colors bleed into the water,

And breathe neon life into the waves.


Feel the deep undulations of the water,

And imagine everything inside your head finds the same, calming rhythm.

Rising and falling,

Expanding and contracting,

Ebbing and flowing.

Soon, your entire body syncs with the ocean’s movement.

So breathe…

And feel yourself surrender to the relaxing movements of water,


Be here.

With the creativity of your liquid mind.

Free from thoughts.

Deep within the stillness inside of you.


Namaste, Beautiful.