Let Yourself Be Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you surrender to the universal guidance that is available to you.

You don’t have to know all the answers.

You don’t have to hold it all by yourself.

So let go of control, my love,

And let yourself be guided,

So the richness of your life can blossom to its fullest in every single moment.

So Let’s Begin…

guided meditation


So breathe,

And let yourself relax.

Nestling yourself into a position where you can melt into comfort,

And be aware.

Invite yourself to take a deep breath in,

Filling up your body with fresh, cleansing air.

And breathe out, releasing anything stale or unneeded.

One more deep breath in,

Feeling the cool air clean everything inside,

And breathe out, letting it all go.

Now breathe,

In sync with your body’s regular rhythm,

In and out,

Calm and clear,

Present and relaxed.



There are answers here that you’ve been seeking.

Tiny openings that can lead to fresh, new adventures.

Whispers that can shine light on the darkness of confusion.

Just listen…


A gentle hand touches yours,

Inviting you to hold it,

Inviting you to trust her.

Let me guide you, she whispers.

Feel your fingers entwine with hers,

And the comforting warmth travel from your hand,

Up your arm,

And into your heart.


Feel it all unravel.

The control,

The how’s,

The logic.

They cannot lead you to where you want to go.

They cannot dance with you in the magical ballet.

Only you can do that,

When you’re here,

One with your deep self,

Surrendered to her loving guidance,

And trusting her to lead you to the next best thing,

Trusting her to help you see the blessings,

The opportunities,

And the serendipitous timing of it all.

So breathe,

And listen.

Namaste, Beautiful