Let Sleep Reveal the Answers You Seek

Today’s let sleep reveal the answers you seek meditation will help you be still, relax, and listen.

As you lay your head on your pillow tonight,

Bring your questions,

Your unknowns,

Your thoughts and ponderings.

And give them over to the night.

So sleep can reveal the answers you seek.

Because meditation can be a magical practice to listen.

To hear what it is you need to hear.

To receive answers to questions you’re seeking,

Or messages of guidance you’re craving.

All you have to do is be still, relax…and listen.

So Let’s Begin…

answers you seek
Photographer: Luis Machado | Source: Unsplash


Let’s begin by closing your eyes and bringing your attention to your breath.

Pulling all your focus inward.

Feeling your chest and belly expand with your inhale

And feeling your body relax on your exhale.


woman body relaxing
Photographer: Daria Litvinova | Source: Unsplash

Breathe in…

And breathe out…

Inhale and expand

Exhale and relax

Stay here with your breath for a bit…


When thoughts come up, and want to pull your attention from your breath,

Just recognize the thought,

And breathe it out.

Coming back to your breath.

Over and over again…


As your body and your mind relax,

Feel a calm peace originating from your core.

A soft blue glow inside of you that warms you,

And spreads up through your chest,

Down your arms,

And kisses your fingers.


Feel the warmth of this soft blue glow of peace go down to your belly,

Your hips,

Your thighs,

Your legs,

Your feet,

And your toes.

Let the calm peace soothe you from the inside out.

And notice as your body melts from the comfort of the warm, blue glow.


Sit in this peace,

This groundedness in your SELF.

And continue to feel your breath going in…

And coming out


There’s something you’re seeking.

A question or a curiosity that’s been lingering inside of you.

Something that craves clarity.

You may have heard the whispers…

What if…


What might that be…

When and how…

And they just sit there, hovering inside of you,

Waiting for a chance to be seen.

So tonight, allow yourself to let them loose into the open lands of the night,

Where the subconscious can paint with creativity in a way that your awareness may be able to see.


Maybe this curiosity is something relatively small,

What you should make a priority tomorrow or whether you should participate in something.

Or perhaps it’s something big,

How to have a hard conversation with someone, what you should say to a big opportunity, or whether you’ll ever experience something you deeply crave.

Whatever it is,

See that question or curiosity in your mind.

And for the next few minutes, as the music continues,

Just sit with it.

Not trying to make sense out of it.

Not trying to solve it.

Just sit with it.

Perhaps imagining that it’s a small ball you’re holding tenderly in your hands.

So let yourself ask your question or think of what it is you’re curious about,

And just be here with it.


Your true self is wise, beautiful. Your intuition knows the answer.

Just listen.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful