Let Go of the Stress Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you let go of all of the stress you’ve been feeling.

Relax comfortably into your bed tonight, as you release and let go of all those things that are causing you stress.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


Close your eyes and begin by taking a big, deep breath in,

Calling your attention inward,

And release the air as you exhale,

Inviting yourself to settle into your favorite sleeping position.


Focus on your breathing.

The expansion and contraction of your chest,

The flow of air in and out of your nose,

The miracle of the slow, rhythmic flow of oxygen feeding your body.


And melt deeper into your bed.


Release your jaw,

Let your shoulders drop,

Relax your arms and legs,

Soften your chest and belly.

And just breathe.


With a relaxed body and calm mind, let yourself think about what’s causing you stress right now.

It might be a specific person, event or circumstance.

Or it could be a combination of many things.

Just allow yourself to see it in your mind.


If you feel your body getting tense or aggravated as you think about your stress,

Just release the tension as you exhale,

And bring your attention back to those stressful things, seeing them as thoughts outside of you.

Relax your body,

As you identify your stress.


Now as you breathe, imagine that this stress slowly transforms into a butterfly.

You see her fragile wings softly flapping up and down as she stands on your outstretched hand.

You look at her, this embodiment of your stress and anxiety,

And see her beauty.

See her purpose.


Thank you, you say, but I don’t need you anymore.

You know it’s time to let her go.

As she perches on the tips of your fingers,

She flutters her wings and flies away.

Feel the rush of relief.

Feel the lightness.

Feel the stress leaving your body,

Pouring from you like melting snow running in rivers down the mountain.

Let the butterfly go,

And let go of the stress.


Now take a moment to scan yourself for any other pockets of stress or anxiety,

And if you find any, imagine it again transforming into a butterfly and flying away,

As waves of relief pour over you.


There is nothing left for you to stress about,

Nothing left for you to be anxious about.

In this moment, right now, you are safe,

You are loved,

You are beautiful,

You are whole.

Let it all go.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful