Let Go of the Fear Meditation

This fear meditation is to help you identify the fear around you and in you, so you can separate from it and practice letting it go.

Let Go of the Fear Meditation

The fear is palpable.

You hear it in the conversations and updates around you.

You feel it in your body.

You see it in the eyes of your friends and family.

But you know that peace and solutions and healing cannot live in the energy of fear.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to help you identify the fear around you and in you, so you can separate from it and practice letting it go.

So you can show up today with calmness, clarity, wisdom and presence.

And so you can contribute to the universal energy of love that is needed right now.

So Let’s Begin…

let go of fear meditation
Photographer: Raul Varzar | Source: Unsplash

Let’s begin by getting into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down as you settle into this fear meditation.

Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing.

Perhaps noticing how shallow your breathing is,

Giving you the opportunity to elongate your breath,

Breathing in deeply,

Breathing out completely.


Misty mornings
Photographer: Dedu Adrian | Source: Unsplash

Notice where you might be feeling tension right now,

Relax into this fear meditation.

Where you might be holding your stress.

Let your attention drift to your shoulders as they release and soften.

Your jaw as it opens and relaxes,

Your lips as they part and release,

Your stomach as it relaxes,

Your legs as they get heavier,

Your feet as they release and relax,

Your hands and fingers as they open and release.

Feel your entire body melt a little deeper into relaxation.

And just be here for a bit,

Letting yourself get lost in the natural rhythm of your body’s movements.


bench for fear meditation
Photographer: Nitin Mathew | Source: Unsplash

I want you to imagine that you’re sitting on a bench in a park.

The sky is dark and filled with clouds ready to burst with rain.

The sun has been completely shut out.

The birds have left to find shelter.

The usual hum of the bees, the bugs, the wind and the movement of the grass, is missing.

All is quiet.

All is dark.

And here you sit on this bench, feeling the rumbles of fear deep inside your stomach.


See them collect there in the center of you,

All your fears.

As soon as you think of a fear, take it from your mind, like a leaf you’re collecting, and imagine yourself placing it in the center of you.

Relax deep into this fear meditation.

One by one, identifying your fears, and the fears of those around you, and placing them in this space in the center of you.

Hear yourself silently say, I’m scared that…

And place what comes next in the growing cluster in the center of you.


preparing for fear meditation
Photographer: Fuu J | Source: Unsplash

Now take a moment to observe this cluster of fears in the center of you.

Feel their weight. Feel their chaos. Feel their negativity.

It’s okay for you to feel scared, my love. It’s okay to have these fears.

But the weight of these fears are keeping you in the darkness, in the storm.

So it’s time to let them go.

Now you’re going to take 4 deep breathes in just a moment, and when you do, you’re going to imagine each inbreath is inviting in waves of compassion for yourself and these fears you’ve been holding.

And on each exhale, you’re going to imagine those leaves of fear that have gathered in the center of you, are blowing out and into the park around you.

Take your first deep breath in, breathing in compassion,

And exhale, breathing out the leaves of fear.

Breathe in deep again,

And blow out the fears.

Deep breath in, waves of compassion filling you up,

And release all those leaves, all those fears.

Last deep breathe in,

And breathe out.


Take a moment to notice how much lighter you feel.

How much more relaxed your body is.

And now imagine yourself again, sitting on your bench in the park,

See yourself opening your eyes.

This time, the sun is shining. The sky is blue and clear. The birds are chirping and the wind is blowing softly on your cheeks. You can feel the warmth of the sunshine sinking into your skin.

And instead of the fears gathering in your stomach, you feel gratitude.

Gratitude for this present moment.

Gratitude for your breath.

Gratitude for this practice.

Namaste, Beautiful.