Let Go of the Chaos Tonight Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you let go of the chaos and come into the comforting arms of deep rest.

Let go of the chaos tonight, my love. Let it dissolve away so you can come into the comforting arms of deep rest.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


So invite yourself to relax,

Coming home to the familiar comfort of your bed.


And let your exhale melt you further into your sheets,

Deeper into the softness of the night.


The chaos inside can be loud,

It can feel fast and heavy and all-consuming.

Like your entire body is swirling in the winds.

But you can choose to let go of the chaos right now,

Knowing all of it is separate from you,

Knowing all of it can dissolve slowly with each breath out.


So come into your breath,

Riding its waves of air in and out of your nose,

As your belly rises and falls with each circulation.

Breathe in a little deeper with every breath in,

And breathe out a little longer with every breath out.

Slow down your breathing,

Slow down your body,

Slow down your mind.


Come inside,

Deep into your breath,

Deep into the stillness inside.

Away from the chaos swirling around,

Away from the hurricane of thoughts and emotions,

The loudness of the drama,

And the silent tremors of fear.

Bring your attention inward,

Where they can’t follow,

Where peace resides,

And love embraces your soul.

You’re safe here.


Imagine yourself calmly curling up into a ball of comfort,

Like a bear hibernating for the winter.

You’re safe inside your cave of stillness.



Let your eyes get heavier as you feel the soft tingling of sleep consume you.


The noises of the chaos get fainter in the distance,

As you snuggle safely inside your cave.

Feel yourself let go of the concerns,

The worry,

The planning,

And all the emotions.

And just let yourself be here.

Deeply relaxed.


Trusting that in the chaos, there is simple wisdom.

And that it will be here with you as you sleep tonight.

So relax,

And release.

Surrendering to the peaceful embrace of sleep.


In the far distance, you can faintly hear the whistling of the winds.

The hurricane of chaos is far away,

No longer within you,

No longer attached to you,

No longer you.


You are here.

Connected to yourself.

Rooted in the deep peace found inside.

So release anything left you’re holding onto, my love,

Because your dreams await,

And they will safely guide you through the oceans of sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.