Let Go of Shame

There is something sitting deep inside your gut.

A dark grey energy that bubbles with negativity and spreads all across your body.

You’ve made a mistake.

Or perhaps you made a decision that you’re realizing now wasn’t the right one.

Or you just plain messed up.

Or you simply feel horrible about a situation that has occurred…whether it was caused by you or not.

Maybe it’s mild and only you know about it.

Or maybe it’s relatively serious and affects others around you.

Whatever it is, that toxic feeling in your stomach is there, sitting like a heavy stone.


Oh the self-loathing and self-hatred that can emanate from this stone!

What words are you calling yourself? What hurtful things are you directing inwards?

It happens automatically, this beating up of yourself.

And while there is a lesson to be learned from what happened, and a way you can grow from it, this feeling of shame, that nasty, heavy stone inside of you will only be removed by…




I forgive you beautiful.

I love you.

Try replacing these words instead.

Because you deserve the forgiveness and the love.

You can’t grow past here without it.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to help you let go of the shame and to help you find peace so you can glow again.

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Katie Krimitsos