Let Go of Anxiety, Worry and Fear Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you let go of anxiety, worry and fear.

Come to your pillow tonight, sweet one,

And give it all to the night.

The anxieties, the worries, the fears…

Gather them all up,

And let them go.

So you can drift off peacefully into the tranquil night.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


Breathe in deeply,

And pull yourself into this moment.

Fill your entire body with air,

Holding it at the top for just a moment.

And then breathe out,

Releasing the day,

Releasing the thoughts.

Another deep breath in,

Gathering up all the things left undone,

The grey clouds of emotions hiding inside,

Hold it at the top,


And let it go,

Releasing all of it through your exhale.

Bring your breathing to an easy, natural rhythm,

And then allow yourself a moment to find your most favorite sleeping position.


Come here,

Into your bed,

Your safe island of refuge.

Your worries, fears and anxieties want to snuggle with you here,

And keep you awake.

But tonight,

They’re not welcome.

Tonight, they are banned from your safe, sleepy island.


So relax,

Exhaling yourself deeper into your bed.

Imagining the air flowing into your body as you inhale is finding all those parts of your body that are tense right now,

And with its gentle touch,

Dissolves that tension as your exhale releases it,

Relaxing you deeper with each breath.

Breathe in and let the fresh air find the tension in your forehead,

Your eyes,

Your cheeks and jaw,

And your neck.

Breathe out the tightness.


Feel your inhale finding the stress in your shoulders,

Your arms,

Your chest,

And your stomach.

Breathe out and release the tension.


It’s amazing to see the moving city and cars while also seeing the milkyway.   It wasn’t as hard to get this shoot as it seems. Like a lot of things it really just needed a lot of patience (2 hours worth).   Worth it.
Photographer: Nathan Anderson | Source: Unsplash

Invite the air in to find the tightness in your hips,

Your back,

Your legs,

And your feet.

Exhale and let go of all the tension.

And feel your entire body melt further into your bed.


As your body quiets,

Your mind may be getting louder.

Sneaking in random flashes of visions that want to wake you.

But instead of looking too long,

See if you can see those thoughts or visions as they pop up,

And image them magically morphing into the shape of a shell.

A vision pops up,

A fear,

A worry,

An anxiety,

And watch it shift into a shell,

Nestled in the sand on your safe, sleepy island.


One by one,

Observe any of those visions,




As your body lies here in the comfort of your bed,

Just notice those thoughts come up,

And change into shells,

That now rest at the foot of your bed,

On the beach of your safe island of sleep.


Keep searching for them,

Those heavy anxieties, worries and fears plague your mind,

And collect them,

And placing the shells on your beautiful beach.


When all the shells have been gathered,

And are piled high on the sand,

Imagine yourself looking at them,

Without emotion,

Without meaning,

And feeling safe knowing they are not within you,

They are not a part of you.


And as you breathe in deep,

Feeling the fresh spaces now open inside of you,

Reach down,

And take those shells,

Moving them into the boat on your beach.

One by one,

Take those shells of anxiety,

Of worry,

Of fear,

And place them in the boat,

Until you see all of them piled high within its walls.


Close your eyes,

Raising your face to the warmth of the sun,

Letting your mind clear in this moment,

And then place your hands on your boat,

And push it out into the ocean,

Watching peacefully as the waves carry it all away.


You feel clear,


Deeply relaxed,

And free from all of those shells and their heaviness.

They are no longer here on your peaceful island of sleep.

So breathe fully, my love,

With a fresh wave of calmness,

And feel it envelope you,

And whisper to you that it’s time to sleep,

Your island is safe.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.