Keep Calm and Shine On

This keep calm and shine on meditation will help you stay calm and centered, no matter what you’re experiencing right now, so you can truly shine.

Keep Calm and Shine On Meditation

The intention of today’s meditation is to help you stay calm and centered, no matter what you’re experiencing right now, so you can truly shine.

So Let’s Begin…

woman shining and will keep calm

So allow yourself to settle into a position that’s comfortable for you,

And close your eyes,

Naturally bringing your attention from the outside, in.

Go ahead and make any adjustments to your body, releasing any tension or discomfort you may have,

And invite your body to drop into a space of deep, relaxed awareness.

Perhaps even imagining that you are slowly lowering into a soft pool of water,

Allowing the rhythm of your breath to lull you into relaxation.

And allowing the freshness of the water to soothe you.



See if you can imagine yourself sitting in this pool of calm water.

You an hear the sounds of small waterfalls around you,

Water flowing peacefully,

Birds happily chirping,

And the wind moving through the trees.


The sounds calm you even further,

And as the sunlight shines down upon you and kisses your face,

You allow its warmth to penetrate you,

To illuminate you at your core.


If any thoughts or emotions arise,

Imagine them as beads of water, rolling down your face and dropping into the pool around you, becoming one with the water.

One by one, let those thoughts drop into the pool, dissolving their ability to hold your attention.

And continue to come back to your breath,

And how the water feels on your body as you expand with your inhale,

And contract with your exhale.



woman in water keep calm
Photographer: Jernej Graj | Source: Unsplash

You feel the water become warmer and as you look down at it, you realize it’s lighting up, glowing with a soft white light that illuminates the entire pool.

You feel fresh and full of energy.

You’re amazed at the power of this light and how good it makes you feel,

So your eyes begin searching for its source, full of curiosity.

It doesn’t take you very long to see that the light isn’t coming from the pool,

It’s coming from you.

You are the light.

Your shine is causing the pool to glow.

Your light is the source of this energy, this joy.


You are the light.

Rest calmly within yourself,

And know that you are here today to shine on.

Namaste, Beautiful