It’s Time to Rest, Beautiful

Today’s time to rest meditation will give your mind and your body permission to rest so you can ease into peaceful sleep.

It’s Time to Rest, Beautiful

It’s Time to Rest, Beautiful

It’s time to rest, beautiful.

It’s time to let your body rejuvenate itself with sleep.

Time to let go of the to-do list in your head

Time to quiet your mind invite in the calming energy of sleep.

You spend so much of your time moving, thinking, planning and accomplishing…and now it’s time to unplug from it all. Time to give your body and your mind a break so you can refresh and show up tomorrow as a rested, more centered you.

The intention of today’s meditation is to give your mind and your body permission to rest so you can ease into peaceful sleep.


woman meditating because it's time to rest
Photographer: Clarke Sanders | Source: Unsplash


Let’s begin by getting into your most comfortable sleeping position.

This could be on your back, curled up on your side or even lying comfortably on your stomach.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, filling your belly like a balloon…

And breathing all that air out on your out breath.

Two more deep breaths in…

And exhaling all the way out.

And in…

And exhale out.

No matter how fast your mind might be racing, no matter how tense your body might be, taking deep breaths helps you to be present in this moment…

Forces you to bring your attention inward…

And slow down.


Feel your body move smoothly with the regular pace of your breathing…

Feel the cool air as it enters your nose…

And the warm air as it exits.

Feel your stomach rise and fall with the natural rhythms of your breathe.


As your body relaxes, make any adjustments you need in your position to move into deeper comfort.

And as you do, feel your body melt a little bit more into the comfort of your bed.


It is normal for thoughts to appear.

Maybe you’re thinking about things you still need to do.

Or replaying events that happened today.

Or worrying about what’s coming up tomorrow or next week.


When these thoughts come up…

When they enter your mind…

just recognize them.

See each one as a bubble extracted from your mind and floating above your head

An entity that you get to invite in or keep out.

Acknowledge that it is separate from you, that it is not you.

You are not what happened to you today.

You are not what’s coming up tomorrow.

You are not your thoughts.


woman knowing it's time to rest
Photographer: Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho | Source: Unsplash

Every time a thought comes up

Watch it become a bubble above you…

Each story, worry, memory or idea encapsulated and floating outside of you.

And breathe…


Attaching to these thoughts is what can keep us from surrendering to the sleep we crave.


Now allow your mind to see the ocean of bubbles around you

Take a deep breath in…

And as you breathe out, imagine the force of your exhale moves these bubbles out into the great expanse of the sky, like a wind clearing the air.

Deep breath in…

And breathe out, clearing those bubbles from around you.

Deep breath in…

And exhale out, watching as the movement of your outbreath moves your thought bubbles away…

Leaving you feeling clear and light…

Free of thoughts…

And ready to invite in sleep.


Breathe at your normal rhythm,

Continuing to watch the bubbles float away with every breath out.


Feel the soft hum inside of you.

It’s the soothing hum of the space that is now void of thoughts.

Feel the humming in your body,

Vibrating softly, relaxing you deeper into sleep.


With your next breathes in, imagine yourself breathing in a soft blue energy

It calms you

Makes you feel safe, secure

Breathe in blue

And feel yourself sink deeper into sleep with every breath in…

As your body fills with more and more blue…more and more calm with each breath

Breathe in blue

Breathe out and sink deeper into sleep


Let your body melt into your bed

Keep letting your thoughts leave your mind and float away in their bubble

Feel the low vibrating hum on your body

It’s time to rest, beautiful


As the music continues, let yourself surrender to the peaceful sleep awaiting you.

Namaste, beautiful…