I See You

Today’s I see you meditation will remind you that you are not alone and that you are special.

So Let’s Begin…

I see you


I see you.

You are not alone.

You may feel ignored or invisible at times,

Or you may even hide yourself, hoping no one sees the dark parts inside.

But I see you, my love.

You are not alone.


I see the dreams dancing inside of you,

The visions of all the possibilities and your desire to play.

I see the rivers of hope running through you,

And your longing to create your day.

Maybe you’ve turned the volume down,

Afraid of what others will say,

Afraid of failing,

Afraid of succeeding.

But I see them all today.


A red heart, partially in shadow on a white background, looking like it is rising from the shadow, into the light.
Photographer: Nick Fewings | Source: Unsplash

I see your fears as they clutch to your heart,

Strengthened by the unknown and the past.

I see your brave dedication to loosening their grip,

Even when they feel like they’ll last.


I see the mistakes you’ve made, the doubts you have, and the ways you’re not your best.

And I also see the light inside of you,

Your kindness,

Your tenderness.


I see the ways you love, the hugs you give, and your desire to make a difference.

I see the sacrifices you make,

The special moments you create,

And am in awe of your resilience.


I see you because I’m a part of you,

And you’re a part of me.

We’re made of the same magical stardust,

Each on our own special journey.


I see you and I love you,

All the dark and the bright,

You are the most beautiful soul,

And I honor you and your light.

Namaste, Beautiful.