Healing Waters Meditation

Today’s healing waters meditation will help your pain be healed by the sounds of soothing water.

Let the water soothe you,

And heal what’s in pain.

In your body,

Your mind,

Your soul.

Bring it all here right now,

So the healing waters can wash it all away.

So Let’s Begin…

healing waters meditation


Settle your body and find your breath,

Allowing yourself to wiggle around a bit,

Releasing any tension or discomfort.

And on your next outbreath, drop your body further into comfort,

Feeling the sigh relax you.


In and out.

And see if you can extend your breathing just a little bit,

Inhaling a little deeper,

And exhaling just a little longer.

Slowing down your breath.

Slowing down your body.

Slowing down your mind.


If you’re feeling physical pain, allow yourself to silently locate it,

And notice a warm hum emanating from that spot.


If the pain you’re experiencing is in your heart or in your mind,

Invite yourself to feel it right now,

Observing its own throbbing energy.


Now tune into the sounds of the water around you

And listen.


Sunrise above a sandy beach
Photographer: frank mckenna | Source: Unsplash

Let the water rushing onto the shore,

Cover over your pain.

And then watch as the water retreats back into the ocean,

Absorbing your pain and taking it into its vastness.


With every inbreath, invite the healing waters in,

And with every outbreath, let them take away your pain,

And feel your body,

Your mind,

Your soul,



Be here.

And let the healing waters take your pain,

And heal you.

Namaste, Beautiful.