Heal Your Inner Child While You Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you heal your inner child while you sleep.

Tonight’s meditation will help you connect with and heal your inner child.

The little girl who might still be holding onto pain and hurt.

The little girl who will help you remember what love and joy truly feel like.

The little girl who wants nothing more than to be loved unconditionally.

Honor her, connect with her and heal her tonight, so you can wake up covered in peace.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


Let’s begin by getting comfortable in your bed,

Adjusting your body a bit to release any of the tension of the day,

And when you find your favorite sleeping position,

Take a deep breath in,

Signaling to yourself that it’s time to transition into sleep,

And exhale with a sigh,

Relaxing your body further into your bed.


Be here,

And breathe,

Calling your attention away from any thoughts or emotions that are lingering,

And deeply into your body.



Let your eyes get heavier,

Unclench your jaw and relax your cheeks.

Lower your shoulders,

Relax your arms and your hands.

Soften your stomach,

And feel your legs and your feet get heavier and melt into deeper relaxation.

Feel your body here…warm.




Imagine yourself as a little girl.

Look at her hair, her body, her eyes.

Notice her position, her attitude, her expressions.

Take it all in…this vision of yourself as a child.

What sounds do you hear her make?

What scent is around her?

What is her demeanor?


Now see if you can imagine a giant bubble on one side of her.

A dark, scary, smokey bubble.

As you look closer at it, you recognize what’s inside…sadness, pain, hurt and fear.

So many dark memories inside of this bubble.

Maybe you’re seeing within it flashes of those dark memories, mini movies from your childhood.

Or maybe you’re simply seeing the emotions floating within it and feeling their heaviness.

The disappointment, rejection, or fear.

Relax your body and just observe this bubble.


This incredible little girl created stories about each one of those memories or emotions.

Maybe she created a story called I’m not good enough.

Or I’m not worthy.

Or I don’t matter.

Or even I can’t trust others.

Or I can’t have everything I want.

She’s not wrong for doing this…it’s what all of us do.

But there are stories she created that are not allowing you to live as vibrant as you would like.


So take a deep, cleansing breath in,

And as you exhale, release the heaviness of these stories,


Girl in the aqua
Photographer: Caroline Hernandez | Source: Unsplash

And then reach out to this little girl,

And embrace her in your arms, holding her close with love…pure love.

And watch as that dark, smokey bubble diminishes, little by little.

Hug her.

Love her.

Hold her.

Accept her.

And watch the stories evaporate away.


Now, take a step back and observe her again.

This beautiful little girl.

Now imagine a big, bright bubble on the other side of her.

This bubble is filled with laughter, creativity, dreams and love.

Perhaps you’re seeing flashes of those happy memories, mini movies from your childhood.

Or maybe you’re simply seeing the emotions floating within it and feeling their lightness.

The joy, lightheartedness, and imagination.

Just sit back and witness it all.

And feel a warm happiness fill your body.

This is all yours.

And the doorway to inviting in more of it in your current life – more joy, more love, more creativity – is through this special little girl.

Turn your attention from this bright bubble onto the little girl.

See how she lights up?

See how her smile comes from her soul?

Remember how much she loved to play? And move? And imagine?

She is here with you.

Ready to create more memories of joy to place in this bubble.

Now, stretch your arms out and embrace this gorgeous little girl.

And feel her pure love saturate you, reminding you that you are her and she is you.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful