Head to Toe Relaxation Sleep Meditation

Relax from head to toe tonight, my love, and let your body sink into the depths of sleep.

Relax from head to toe tonight, my love, and let your body sink into the depths of sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation
sleep meditation


Lay yourself down into the vast ocean of your bed,

And invite the waves of sheets to gently rock you,

Slowly lulling you into the calming rhythms of sleep.


Come into your breath,

Slowing yourself down as you breathe in deeper,

And breathe out longer.

Slowing down your mind,

And gently taking each of those thoughts that want to keep you awake,

And watching as your outbreath dissolves them, one by one.

Breathe in and slow down,

Breathe out and dissolve the thoughts.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.


Feel a calming warmth on the top of your head,

Relaxing your forehead,

Softening your eyes,

Releasing your jaw,

And relaxing your cheeks.


Feel as the warmth travels down your neck,

Loosening the muscles around your spine one by one.

Release the tension in your shoulders as they lower,

And feel the expanse of your chest relax.


Let the warmth run down each of your arms,

Feeling their heaviness fall into your bed.

Relax your belly,

Feeling any tension or anxiety unravel and dissolve.


Follow the warm energy down as it melts your hips,

And softens your thighs.

Notice the heaviness of your legs,

As if they were falling to the bottom of the ocean of your bed,

Pulled down and embedding themselves in the comfort of your sheets.


Let the warm energy melt into your feet and your toes,

As the tingling sensations release the memories of the miles walked.


Sink further into the depths of your bed,

Covered in the blankets of the warm energy that cover you from head to toe.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful