Grounding Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s grounding sleep meditation will help you connect to the earth beneath you so you can rest peacefully.

Let your roots grow deep into the soil beneath you tonight, my love, so you can rest peacefully in the arms of sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation



And let yourself melt into your bed.

Breathe in deeply,

Breathe out completely.


Mother Nature is here to embrace you tonight,

And to fill you with gentle love.

To remind you that you’re a part of her,

And everything you need is here within her soil.

So come inside,

And surrender to her,

And trust her to guide you.


So let your face soften,

And your neck relax.

Drop your shoulders,

Soften your arms,

And feel your stomach relax.


Feel your hips melt into your bed,

And your legs and feet softly part and relax.



Feel the gentle whispers of the wind on your cheeks,

And the soft embrace of the grass beneath your body.

The moonlight slowly blankets you,

As the crickets play you a lullaby.


The freshness of the nighttime air fills your lungs,

And soothes your mind.

You are safe here.

Deeply relaxed.


sleep meditation
Photographer: Noah Buscher | Source: Unsplash

Feel the warm energy of the Earth rising up from the soil,

Traveling around the rocks,

Through the highways of roots,

And into your body.


Like millions of tiny sparks of life,

Coming home to you,

Feeding your soul with nourishing love,

You are home here,

One with nature.


Fall deeper into the softness of the grass beneath you,

And let your essence sink into the ground,

Giving nourishing love back to the soil beneath you,

Back into the beautiful circle of life you’re a part of.

And surrender to the oneness of us all.


Rest in the beauty of it all, my love.

The magic of this connection,

The Earth feeding you,

And you feeding the Earth.

The deep, calming energy flowing seamlessly between you,

As you relax deeper into rest.


Surrender to the energy around you,

The energy within you,

As you ground yourself in the stillness of the night.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.