Gratitude Meditation for Your Village of Women

This is a special gratitude meditation for your village of women. An opportunity for you to call upon and honor the incredible circle of women who have impacted your life.


They say it takes takes a village.

To raise a family.

To be connected.

To discover ourselves.

To accomplish things that are important to us.

You are not walking through this life alone.

You have had – and currently have – a village of women who have shown you love throughout your life.

Who have supported you.

Guided you.

Mentored you.

Inspired you.

Challenged you.

Changed you.

So the intention of today’s gratitude meditation is to call upon the spirits of the incredible women in your life, so that you may honor them and express gratitude for them…and the YOU they’ve helped you become.

We life each other up.

Click below to press play. Close your eyes and let me guide you…

Gratitude Meditation for Your Village of Women

Gratitude Meditation for Your Village of Women Script

So let’s begin by getting into a comfortable position…sitting or lying down.

Close your eyes…

And make any adjustments to your body so you can be still…and relax.

Take one deep breath in, filling your belly like a balloon…

And exhale, releasing any stress, discomfort, tension or thoughts as you do.

Now bring your breath into its normal rhythm,

And relax your body further into your position.


breathing woman gratitude meditation
Photographer: Eli DeFaria | Source: Unsplash

I want you to imagine that you’re standing at the Grand Canyon.

You’re safe, but close to the edge and feeling calm, breathing in the fresh, crisp air.

Your body is relaxed, but alive as you feel connected to the strength of the earth underneath you, the joyous sounds of the birds and leaves around you and the magical landscape painted in front of you.

You feel rooted. Whole.


All of a sudden, you feel a gentle hand touching yours.

You look to your right and see her…

The woman who has mothered you, raised you, nurtured you.

Perhaps it’s your mother…or an aunt…or a grandmother…or another woman who has been a mother to you throughout your years.

She’s looking deeply into your eyes, flooding you with so much love, silently telling you how proud she is of you, how amazing you are, holding your hand with the strength and softness that she has shown to you many times before.

Breathe in her love.

Breathe in her strength.


Now feel as your other hand is slowly embraced by another.

Your gaze turns and you see your friend next to you, her eyes sparkling as her fingers thread through yours.

I love you, you hear her say, and you let those words enter you and fill you up.

She’s been there for you…during past seasons of your life or even the present one.

And she gets you…loves you for the imperfect perfect soul you are.

Breath in her love.

Breathe in her friendship.

And feel yourself strengthening, growing, shining as the energy of these two women live within you.


women holding hands gratitude meditation
Photographer: Clarisse Meyer | Source: Unsplash

You see another woman stepping into the hand holding chain that has now been created.

She looks at you and smiles…

Look at her and feel yourself enlivened by her,

Grateful for who she has been to you and how she’s impacted your life.


For the next few minutes, I want you to continue this vision…

Watching as one by one, the most important women of your life come together to connect, sending their love to you as they hold hands with one another.

Mentors, teachers, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, daughters, friends, colleagues, leaders…

Identify each of them as they join the chain…and thank them for who they have been for you.


Now bring your attention to your hands…each one infused with the love and energy of the lineup of women on either side of them.

Look out onto the breathtaking vastness of the canyon in front of you,

And then look to your right…and to your left, witnessing the breathtaking vastness of the women beside you…

Your village.

And let this gratitude meditation fill your heart as you root yourself deeper in the earth…deeper in your connection with each of them…deeper in your knowing that together, you are all better.

Namaste, beautiful.

Katie Krimitsos