Gratitude For Your Body Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will give you a chance to feel gratitude for your body.

Lay yourself down tonight, my love,

And into the comforting sheets of gratitude.

Gratitude for your body.

This beautiful, complicated machine that literally carries us around in this life that we can so easily take for granted.

Maybe you’ve had moments of ignoring her or even loathing her.

Perhaps you’ve celebrated her and treasured her.

No matter what your relationship with your body has been or currently is, the intention of tonight’s meditation is to give you the opportunity to pay homage to her and to soak in gratitude for the incredible and beautiful body you have.

So you can end your day feeling full of love and deeply connected to your body, as she carries you peacefully into dreamland.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


Close your eyes,

And allow your attention to settle onto your breathing.

This simple action your body does for you without you having to think about it.

This intake of oxygen that feeds your entire life.

Now expand your breath a little bit more,

Inhaling in deeper,

And exhaling out longer.

And notice as your body naturally slows down,

Naturally feels heavier,

Naturally relaxes.


Allow your shoulders to drop,

Your cheeks to soften,

And your chest to open and relax.

Breathe out the day,

With every exhale,

And relax further into your bed.


Your body is special. And so beautiful.

Bring your attention to your feet,

Imagining warm, golden rays of sunshine lighting them up,

Feeling the tingling of attention reminding you of the gift of movement they give you.

Think of all the miles they’ve carried you and let the gratitude fill you up and lighten you.

Let those golden rays soothe your feet,

Allowing them to part and settle,

As they relax deeper into your bed.


Photographer: Ivan Stern | Source: Unsplash

Now bring your attention to your legs,

Your calves, knees, quads and thighs,

And see all the images of their powerful strength moving you and balancing you,

And let the gratitude flood in,

Inviting the golden light to calm you,

And melt you further into the night.


Bring your attention to the beautiful bundle of your sexual organs,

This magical garden that exudes the essence of your womanhood.

Pleasure and life can live here…can thrive here.

And even when they haven’t, this garden is here for you, working on your behalf.

Breathe in gratitude, and feel yourself grow lighter.

Imagine that golden light soothing you here,

Easing you deeper into sleep.


Now let your attention travel up to your stomach, your heart, your breasts and your chest.

Feel this entire area expand with golden light with each inhale as it reminds you of who you are.

All your major organs inside are working just for you.

Feel the gratitude arise and expand with each breath.

And let the golden light soothe you,

Melting you even deeper into the beauty of the night.


Now allow your attention to rise to your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.

These tremendous parts that give you so much freedom to navigate your life,

To embrace, to hold, to carry and to give.

Breathe in deep gratitude and feel the warmth inside of you grow as the golden light covers you.



Now bring your attention to your neck, your face and your head.

Let them tingle with the warmth of attention as you are reminded of the smiles, the laughter and the tears.

Think about the tastes, smells and sights available to you and the enormous power of your brain that makes it all possible.

Flood yourself with the golden light of gratitude,

And relax further into your bed,

Deeper into the gentle arms of sleep.


You are so blessed to be in this body.

It’s resilient, strong and absolutely gorgeous.

Feel the deep, golden glow of gratitude illuminating every single part of your body.

And let yourself breathe it all in,

As you surrender yourself into the depths of grateful sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.