Go Back to Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s middle of the night wakeup meditation will help you ease back into sleep and wake up refreshed.

Come back to sleep, my love,

Your bed is calling. 

She’s ready to welcome you back into her warm, comforting embrace.


So come,

Swim into her blankets until you find your favorite spot once again.

Let your entire body stretch out wide,

Tightening your arms and legs as they expand fully over your bed,

Shutting your eyes tightly,

And squeezing your hands into fists.

Take a deep breath in, holding this position for just a few more seconds.

And then exhale, releasing your body and all that tension,

As you sink back into a deep, comfortable sleeping position.


Bring your attention to your shoulders,

Feeling them hum with warmth and melt like wax,

Slowly releasing the weight of your arms and everything they’ve been carrying,

As they drop lower, lower, lower…and relax.

There’s no need for you to carry anything right now, beautiful.

Let the night take it all away for you.

Let her carry the worries, the fears, the excitements, the tasks and all the details of your life.

She’ll hold onto them for you so you can fall deeper into her loving arms as she welcomes you back to sleep.


Be here with the silence of the night.

Hearing only your breath,

Its soft sounds moving through you like a faint flute.

Breathing in,

And breathing out.

Hear the distant drumbeat of your heart syncing with the musical rhythm.

Breathing in,

And breathing out.

Your body’s music is playing for you,

Lulling you to sleep,

Its melodies softening you and welcoming you to rest.


Let your body go,

Let it melt into your bed.

Let it take you to dreamland.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful

Ka'Tia Alderman