Full Moon Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s full moon meditation will help guide you to deep sleep.

Come to sleep, my love, it’s time to rest.  Turn off the thoughts inside your head and let your body fall deeply into the comforting arms of sleep. 

So Let’s Begin…


So close your eyes and stretch out your limbs,

Extending your arms and legs as far as they can reach.

As if you were reaching out to touch the moon.

Take a deep breath in,

And as you exhale, release your body from its stretch,

Allowing yourself to settle into your most favorite sleeping position.

Connect to the rhythm of your breath.

Feeling your body expand with every inhale,

And relax deeper with every exhale.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.


Feel the cool energy of the moon.

Her light is reflecting down from above,

And calling you to dream.

So imagine that you’re standing in your most favorite spot in nature.

Perhaps you find yourself on the beach,

Or in the open space of your backyard,

Or maybe you see yourself on a hiking trail or even the familiar streets of your neighborhood.

Wherever you are, see yourself in this space.

Breathe in the freshness of the night’s air.

And relax just a little more as you feel the safe, luminous light of the moon covering you.


Feel yourself beginning to walk,

Feeling the earth beneath your bare feet,

Feeling her warmth rising to connect with your feet on every step.

You raise your head slightly to the sky,

Drinking in the divine, feminine energy from la luna,

The magical force of nature who lovingly gives you her rhythms, her cycles and her power.

Feel her love cover you,

As you walk under her moonlight tonight.


Relax your body deeper,


Deeper into your bed,

Releasing all the thoughts,

All the tension,

All the pain,

All the emotions,

Through your breath,

Letting them all go on every outbreath.

And invite in the warmth from the moon,

Feeling it soften you.


Walk, my love, and feel her love with each step you take.

Let the moonlight guide you and protect you.

She’s lighting your path so you can dream,

Her fullness opening up all the possibilities.

Giving you the space to ask for what you want,

And to create intentions soaked in self-love.

Giving you the space to see clearly what to release,

And infusing you with the courage to do so.

So be here under the moonlight,

Imagining it strengthening you,

Illuminating you,

Soothing you.


Let yourself surrender to her, beautiful,

This breathtaking moonlight guiding your path,

Soaking you in her light as you take step after step along the earth.

She is a part of you.

Let her soothe you into a deep, peaceful sleep tonight.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful

Ka'Tia Alderman