Full Body Relaxation Meditation

Tonight’s full body relaxation meditation will invite your body to enter into a deep relaxation that will easily transition you into peaceful sleep.

Lay your head on your pillow tonight and invite your body to enter into a deep relaxation that will easily transition you into peaceful sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

body relaxation meditation
Photographer: Chris Jarvis | Source: Unsplash


So let yourself move around a bit until you find your most favorite sleeping position,

Noticing the comfortable familiarity of your body here.

Take a deep, cleansing breath in, gathering up all the things left of the day,

And as you exhale, breathe them all out.

One more deep breath in, feeling the cool air cleanse you,

And exhale your day out.

Bring your breathing to a smooth, natural rhythm,

And just be here for a bit,

Aware of your body,

The space it takes up,

The rhythmic movement of your breathing,

The heaviness of your eyes,

The weight of your body on your bed.


And be here with your breath.


body relaxation meditation
Photographer: Sigg Sebastian | Source: Unsplash

Bring your attention to the crown of your head,

And imagine a soft, purple light glowing here.

Warming you,

Putting your mind at ease,

And infusing your entire body with calm from the top down.


Now feel that warm, purple light as it touches your face,

Kissing your eyes as they grow heavier,

Relaxing your cheeks as your jaw releases and lowers,

Softening your lips,

Your chin,

And your ears.

Feel your entire head melt deeper into your pillow.


Now observe as this soft, purple light dances around your neck,

Releasing any tension,

Travels down to your shoulders as they lower with ease,

And covers your chest, softening and soothing.

Feel the warmth it gives to everywhere it touches.


The purple light is now glowing all the way down your arms.

Feel the warm tingle in your fingers as your body gets heavier and heavier.

And welcome the warmth into your belly,

Your hips,

And your thighs,

The soft, purple light soothing you,

And guiding you into the depth of peaceful sleep.


Notice as your legs get heavier, like steel sinking to the bottom of the ocean,

Falling further and further into the comfort of your bed.

And let the purple light warmly buzz into your feet,

Releasing any tension,

And anchoring you into the depth of the night.


Let the waves of sleep wash over you, beautiful,

Covering you in the calm mist of purple light,

And embracing you on your journey of peaceful sleep tonight.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful