Forgive Yourself Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you forgive yourself.

Let yourself be healed tonight,

As you let the gentle whispers of forgiveness cover you with peace.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


So relax,

And give yourself a moment to adjust and move until you find the most comfortable sleeping position.

And when you’ve found it,

Take a big, deep breath in,

And as you exhale,

Release all the heaviness on your heart,

And fall deeper into your bed.


You are a gorgeous, imperfect being of light.

And as you journey through this life,

You mess up.

You make the wrong decisions,

Say the wrong things,

Take the wrong actions,

And fall down hard.


It’s okay.

It’s okay to make mistakes,

It’s okay to be imperfect.

We all are.

So be here tonight,

One with your breath,

And plug into the wisdom of the universe,

And forgive yourself.


Forgiveness is the first step to accepting what is,

And acceptance will allow you to open your heart to the lessons to be learned,

So you can hold the mirror in front of you,

Without judgements,

And unlock the fears,

The stories,

And the beliefs that brought you here.

So breathe and melt further into your bed,

And cover yourself with the blankets of forgiveness tonight,

Knowing that you are loved,



Just as you are.


There is always a silver lining,

Always a lesson to learn that will benefit us,

Always cosmic beauty in what seems like chaos.

So rest your head with peace in your heart tonight, beautiful,

And know that everything will be okay.

That you are exactly where you need to be.

Breathe out the worries,

And let go of the blame,

And allow yourself to surrender to deep sleep.


Imagine the wand of forgiveness tapping lightly on the crown of your head,

Its soothing sparkles of magic relaxing you,

As your eyes get heavier,

Your cheeks soften,

Your jaw releases,

And your lips lightly part.


Watch as that fairy-like wand travels down your face,

And taps your shoulders,

Your chest,

And your arms,

Causing them all to relax,

And release.

One by one.


And as the beautiful wand of forgiveness continues,

Feel its warm sparkles touch and heal your belly,

Your hips,

Your thighs,

Your legs,

And your feet.

And feel them all deeply soften,

And relax.


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Photographer: Isabella and Zsa Fischer | Source: Unsplash

Sink deeper into your bed,

Covered in the blankets of forgiveness,

Comforted by its warmth,


And grace.

You are safe here, my love,

Protected from your own inner demons who want to make you wrong,

Shame you,

And challenge your worth.

Safe from others who want to hold you to a standard of perfection,

Who want to make you less than,

Or withhold grace.

You are safe here,

In the blankets of forgiveness.

So melt into them, beautiful,

And accept what is.



And fall deeply into the sleep you deserve,

The sleep that will calm you,

The sleep that will heal you,

The sleep that will reconnect you to the extraordinary, imperfect soul you are.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.