Forgive Yourself, Beautiful

Today's guided meditation will help you forgive yourself.

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Forgive Yourself, Beautiful Meditation

Oh the ease with which we can forgive others in our lives…

“It’s okay, girl,” we say, “don’t worry about it,” “move on.”

And we genuinely mean it. We hope our words release them from their self-inflicted pain of regrets, mistakes or disappointments.

But what about you, my love?

You deserve to forgive yourself too.

For regrets you may have.

For mistakes you’ve made.

For disappointments you are experiencing.

For every single time you haven’t lived up to your own – or others’ – expectations.

For not being perfect.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you the inner peace and soul-nourishing love that comes from truly forgiving yourself.

woman forgive yourself
forPhotographer: Leon Biss | Source: Unsplash

Forgive Yourself, Beautiful Guided Meditation Script

Let’s begin…

Get yourself into a comfortable position…sitting or lying down

Close your eyes and let out a big exhale,

Sinking deeper into your position.

Take a moment to scan your body for any discomforts,

And make any adjustments you need to relax even further into comfort.

And just breathe…


Where is it hiding?

The guilt. The shame. The embarrassment. The regret.

Take a moment to locate them in your body.

Maybe you feel tightness in your throat.

Or a heaviness in your stomach.

Or tightness in your shoulders

Or pain in your head.

Wherever they are…these heavy emotions…just identify them.


woman hands on heart forgive yourself
yPhotographer: Giulia Bertelli | Source: Unsplash

What shape are they? What color?

Just observe…

The heaviness is real.

But you can choose to let them go.

The guilt. The shame. The embarrassment. The regret.

You can choose to forgive yourself.

To accept that you are not perfect.

That you are human.

And that part of what makes you so special is that you do not live your life perfectly.

You mess up.

And learn.

And evolve.

And blossom.


woman standing confidently, forgiving herself
Photographer: Artem Maltsev | Source: Unsplash

Bring your attention back to your breath

And now back to where your heavy emotions are sitting.

And on every exhale, I want you to see those entities dissolve just a little bit.

Breathe in…

And breathe out…watching them dissolve.

Until they’re all gone, completely vanished from your body.

Now take a deep, cleansing breath in, washing out any remaining emotions,

And exhale…relaxing your body deep deep deep into comfort and calm.


I forgive you, beautiful, you hear yourself say. And I love you.

Namaste, beautiful.