Floating on the Clouds of Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will invite you to float on the clouds of sleep tonight, as you let go of the day behind you and embrace the calm of the night ahead.

Come away with me as we float on the clouds of sleep tonight, beautiful.

Letting go of the day behind you,

And embracing the calm of the night ahead.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation
Photographer: Antonin ALLEGRE | Source: Unsplash


So relax your body and close your eyes,

And let’s begin with setting an intention for deep, nourishing sleep tonight,

Releasing any resistance your body or your mind might have.

Allow your body to sink a little further into your bed,

Adjusting yourself if needed to release any discomfort,

And take a deep breath in, filling your body with fresh air all the way down to your toes,

And as you exhale, feel yourself releasing the day, and relaxing even deeper.

Another deep breath in,

And release it all on your exhale, melting further into your bed.

Let your breathing settle into a natural, easy rhythm as you follow the slow cadence of your body.

Breathe in and expand,

Breathe out and release,



Breathe in.

Breathe out.


sleep meditation
Photographer: CHUTTERSNAP | Source: Unsplash

Become aware of the softness underneath you,

The way your body curves into comfort,

The way your bed meets the heaviest parts of you with love,

Welcoming your legs,

Your hips,

Your arms,

And your head into deeper relaxation.



Slowly you feel the soft clouds of your bed curling lightly over your limbs,

Embracing you with a soothing coolness.

You are safe here,

You are whole here,

At home with yourself,

Ready to surrender to where the clouds of sleep will take you.

Feel your face relax,

Your shoulders drop,

Your back melt,

Your legs and arms soften.

And allow yourself to relax into the clouds of sleep awaiting you.


The dark blue sky surrounds you,

Covering you in the deep silence of the night,

Quieting any of those thoughts that may be moving around in your mind.

Release them into the nighttime sky,

Watching them disappear amongst the stars.

And float slowly on your sleepy cloud,

Feeling your body hum with the warmth of sleep.


Deep sleep.


Let yourself fall further into the mist of the clouds,

Inviting the softness to take you to dreamland.




Deep sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful