Float Into Space Meditation

Tonight’s space meditation will help you relax your body as you float into space.

Come on a journey tonight as you rest your head, relax your body, and float into space.

So Let’s Begin…

space meditation
Photographer: ActionVance | Source: Unsplash


So close your eyes and settle your body into comfort,

Moving it around a bit so you can snuggle into that position you know so well.

When you’ve found it, take a deep breath in, feeling cool, refreshing air all the way down to your toes,

And then exhale,

Relaxing your body even deeper into your bed.


space meditation
Photographer: The New York Public Library | Source: Unsplash

Notice the smooth motion of your body.

Softly expanding as you breathe in,

And contracting as you breathe out.

Notice how your body feels on your bed,




And notice your breath orchestrating it all,

Filling your body with life with each breath in,

And releasing the day with each breath out.

Breathe in,

And release.

Breathe in,

And release.


Now see if you can imagine a soft, gentle force lifting you off of your bed,

Cradling you as you float up into the air.

You feel light.


And soothed by the cool night air.

Let yourself float.

Up, up, up.


Soon, you’re floating in the dark sea of space.

Fall back into your weightlessness,

Allowing your arms and legs to expand with curiosity as they play with the absence of gravity.

And breathe…


You see the Earth.

Her vibrant blues and greens whisper to you,

Telling you her secrets,

Reminding you just how majestic she is.

A deeply complex orchestration of oxygen, carbon, and atoms that create the melodies of life.

You look at her in awe,

And immediately the life you left just moments ago,

Makes so much more sense to you.

You can see clearly what matters.

You can see clearly what doesn’t.

From here, from this perspective,

You feel the calm presence of the universe. All around you. Inside of you. One with you.

And you can feel all those worries or anxieties or thoughts that were stumbling you just hours ago, begin to crumble.

Disintegrating amongst the vast open blackness of outer space.

As you relax deeper and float.


You feel the warmth of the sun upon you,

You feel its power,

And know it’s your source.

It feeds you with its sunlight.

Feeds your body,

Feeds your mind,

Feeds your soul.

So calm your body as you inhale the warm rays of sunlight.

Let every inbreath nourish you with its energy,

And restore you on your journey tonight.


Let yourself float.

Into the arms of the Sun.

Into the arms of the Earth.

Into the arms of the Universe.

And let them carry you gently back here,

To the soft, comforting blankets of your bed.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful