Fill Yourself With Hope Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you fill yourself with hope as you fall asleep.

Fill yourself with hope tonight, my love.

Hope for the life you wish to live,

For the person you wish to be,

For the world you wish to see.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


I know it feels heavy,

The weight of the sorrows of the world.

The frustrations of your world,

That make you feel like you can’t quite get to where you want to go.

That you can’t quite live the way you want to live at times.


I know it can feel hopeless,

When you see so much darkness, suffering, and fear bursting out of every news story,

Every post.

When you let the ugly demons of fear creep into your life,

And pull you back from that which your soul longs for.


I know it feels heavy,

Like there’s too much darkness,

Like it’s overpowering you and constricting your life.

It feels like hopelessness is taking over,

Melting your body and mind into complacent sadness,

Stealing your joy,

Taking your dreams.


But my love, you must remember one important thing;

The seed of love lives eternally within you.

Sometimes it blooms and flourishes and vibrates from you,

And sometimes it shrinks and crumbles.

But it never dies.

It lives within you now,

And it’s here to remind you that you are love.


And love cannot be crushed by fear,

Love cannot be driven out by hate.

That seed of love inside of you is powerful,

Its magic beyond comprehension,

And from it, grows hope.

A unwavering knowing that you can be better,

That the world can be better.

A belief that what you imagine in your dreams,

You can create in your life.

It’s all possible,

When you let that seed of love grow,

And you fill yourself with hope.


So feel it now,

That warm glow of hope deep inside of you,

Humming with belief and inspiration.

Feel that golden glow spread from your core to your heart,

Your belly,

Your hips,

Your legs and your feet.

Feel the warmth of that glow move into your arms,

Your neck,

Your face,

And radiate from the top of your head.


You are filled with hope tonight, my love.

You can move mountains with it.

So let yourself swim in it tonight as you sleep deeply,

So you can awaken ready to live out of hope, live out of love,

And share it with the world.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.