Feel It All Tonight Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will give you the chance to feel it all tonight, so you can relax into deep sleep.

Surrender to the emotions, my love,

And let yourself feel.

Let them travel through your body and your soul,

And bring the tears.

You don’t have to hold back,

You don’t have to pretend.

Let the expectations collapse,

So you can be free.

Because there’s beauty in the breakdown.

Sleep waits for you here,

Where you are raw and free.

So Let’s Begin…


So come into that special place,

Where your body is deeply relaxed.

Nestle yourself into the position that calls to you,

And brings you closer to the deep presence of the night.


Notice the natural rhythms of your beautiful body.

The soft beating of your heart.

The expansion and contraction of your chest and belly.

The air entering and exiting your nose.

And see if you can consciously slow the rhythm down.

Breathing in a little deeper,

Exhaling a little longer.

Softening the beating of your heart.

Slowing down the movements of your chest.

Slow it all down,

And be here.

Just breathing.

Just being.


And melt deeper into your bed.


Your hands are gripped tightly,

Around the desire to keep it all together.

A need to make sense of it all.

Words attempt to figure it out and pull you through,

And staying in motion keeps you skating lightly on it all.


But the quiet of the night reveals the truth.

The storm of emotions swirling around,

Longing for peace.


There is great beauty in the breakdown, sweet one.

Beauty in letting go and feeling it all.

Beauty in the rivers of tears finally escaping your eyes.

Beauty in the unraveling of all convention and just being you.

The catharsis.

The release.

The freedom.


So let go,

And let yourself break down.

Let yourself feel it all and release,

As the emotions carry you like the ocean waves,

Into relaxation.


There is so much waiting for you on the other side.

So much wisdom.

So much clarity.

So much love.

So feel it all tonight, beautiful,

And release the heaviness of it all,

The night is here to comfort you,

Embrace you in her safe, nurturing arms.


Here in the raw,

Your soul vibrates with pure love,

And you are all the beauty that exists in this world.

So breathe, dear one,

And float on the waves of all your feelings tonight,

Surrendering to them,

And the soothing rhythms of deep sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.