Feel Good Tonight Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you feel good tonight.

Give your body the gift of a nighttime stretch tonight, so you can melt into deep relaxation and ease into sleep.

So Let’s Begin…


Let’s begin by settling into a comfortable position,

Closing your eyes and taking your first deep breath in.

Let your belly expand as far as it can with all that oxygen,

And release your breath out through your nose.

Take another deep breath in,

Filling your belly with just a little bit more air than before,

And when you can’t breathe in anymore,

Exhale it all out.

And one last deep breath in,

Imagining the air coming in cleansing your body, cleansing your mind,

And letting it all go as you breathe out.

Now bring your breathing back to its normal rhythm.

And just take a moment to feel into your body.

Noticing it rise and fall with the motion of your breath.

Noticing if you feel any lightness from increased oxygen.

Noticing if you have any kinks or tension you need to release.


Bring your awareness to your breath.

Notice how good it feels to breathe in and out,

How the air can make your body tingle ever so softly with life,

How the rise and fall of your chest creates a relaxing rhythm for your body,

How each breath in is a renewing moment.

And say a silent thank you to your body for doing this work for you as you relax it deeper into your bed.


You may notice thoughts coming up.

And if they do, imagine that any of those thoughts or emotions that are heavy with stress or worry or fear begin to dissolve with every breath out,

Vanishing into the space around you,

And releasing their hold on you.

Watch them dissolve as you breathe them out.


Now notice if there are any thoughts or emotions that come up that make you feel good.

Imagine yourself placing them into a beautiful basket beside you.

Maybe you see yourself placing thoughts about your healthy body in the basket,

Or the work you do,

The people who bring joy to your life,

Or even the events that took place today that brought a smile to your heart.

Place them in that basket and imagine a smile widening across your face as you do.


Feel the calm happiness inside of you as you look at your basket.

This pile of goodness that warms your heart and reminds you of all the blessings in your life.

Breathe them in,

And surrender deeper into your bed, deeper into the arms of sleep.


This moment is a gift.

No matter what happened today,

No matter what tomorrow brings.

This moment right now, this breath, is a miracle.

And you are pure magic,

A being of love and light who is flooded with blessings.

So relax and surrender to the night,

As you swim in the goodness of it all.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful

Ka'Tia Alderman