Feel Good in the Morning Meditation

This morning meditation will help to give you the space to decide to feel good and set yourself up to feel good all day.

Feel Good in the Morning Meditation

Buddha said, “each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you the space to decide to feel good and set yourself up to feel good all day.

To start your day in mindful awareness of your thoughts and your body.

To let your breath rejuvenate you for the day ahead.

To shift your attention onto all the things that make you feel good rather than on those that darken your mood.

And to cultivate a deep desire to let your happiness and love shine onto others.

So Let’s Begin…

Woman feeling good about herself
Photographer: Timothy Paul Smith | Source: Unsplash

Let’s begin this morning meditation by settling into a comfortable position,

Closing your eyes and taking your first deep breath in.

Let your belly expand as far as it can with all that oxygen,

And release your breath out through your nose.

Take another deep breath in,

Filling your belly with just a little bit more air than before,

And when you can’t breathe in anymore,

Exhale it all out.

And one last deep breath in,

Imagining the air coming in cleansing your body, cleansing your mind,

And letting it all go as you breathe out.

Now bring your breathing back to its normal rhythm.

And just take a moment to feel into your body.

Noticing it rise and fall with the motion of your breath.

Noticing if you feel any lightness from increased oxygen.

Noticing if you have any kinks or tension you need to release.


Woman Breathing In the Fresh Air and Feeling Good during morning meditation
Photographer: Rebellé Fleur | Source: Unsplash

Bring your awareness to your breath.

Notice how good it feels to breathe in and out,

How the air can make your body tingle ever so softly with life,

How the rise and fall of your chest creates a relaxing rhythm for your body,

How each breath in is a renewing moment.

And say a silent thank you to your body for doing this work for you as you feel the freshness of the day throughout this morning meditation.


flower in the sun
Photographer: Dlanor S | Source: Unsplash

You may notice thoughts coming up.

Perhaps reminding you of what needs to get done today,

Maybe you’re contemplating events that have taken place recently,

Or maybe your thoughts are heavy with worry, anxiety or fear and you feel you don't have time for this morning meditation.

Whenever a thought arises, just imagining it moving on and floating away.

Perhaps you can even hear yourself silently instructing your thoughts to “move on.”

And every time you watch a thought float away,

Just bring your attention back to your breath,

And come back into your body.

Breathing in cleansing, refreshing air,

And breathing out any of those thoughts, sending them out into the space around you.

Feel your body get lighter.

Feel your mind releasing any thought it wants to attach to.

And feel a subtle tingling inside of you as you release it all.

Feeling light.




woman glowing during morning meditation
Photographer: Cristina Gottardi | Source: Unsplash

You’re here for a reason, beautiful.

And who you are matters in this world.

And the world you step into today needs your love.

The people who you connect with today need your love.

Your light makes this world shine brighter.

So breathe in that fresh air and feel the energy inside of you glow.

When you glow, others glow.

And when your glow, your kindness, your joy affects the world around you, it in turn expands your light.

It’s a beautiful circle of love.

So be here with me for a bit, and see yourself light up with every breath in,

And see the world around you glow brighter with every breath out.


Photographer: Plush Design Studio | Source: Unsplash

Today is a gift.

This morning meditation is a gift, a gift to yourself.

And as you go out into your day, keep coming back to this moment,

Back to this feeling,

Of feeling good,

Feeling significant,

Feeling light,

Feeling fresh,

Feeling connected,

Feeling grateful.

Namaste, Beautiful.

The Story Behind the Meditation

I call them “on the fence” days.

Mornings when I wake up feeling a strange mix of “negative” and “positive” emotions.

I put those words in quotes because they’re simply labels to thoughts and feelings that feel as though they’re a blanket I’m wrapped in on these mornings.

It feels like I’m “on the fence…” like I haven’t yet made up my mind whether it’s going to be a good day or a bad day. Whether I will fall on the feel good side of the fence, or whether I’ll fall on the feel bad side of the fence.

I realize that, especially on days like this, starting my mornings intentionally allows me to shift from this “on the fence” feeling into a very conscious good feeling.

It makes me aware that feeling good is a decision. And a practice.

For me that means a mix of meditation, journaling and being out in nature. I deliberately choose a meditation that lightens up my mood and helps me focus on gratitude. I fill my journal with all the things I’m grateful for and keep my attention on all the good. I take a walk to remind myself how deeply I’m connected to the whole world.

And that’s what I hope this meditation will provide for you. A reminder that each day is up to you to create. And whether you’re having an “on the fence” day or already waking up in a great mood, this meditation was created to deepen that sense of joy and appreciation to the start of your day.

All my love to you, beautiful.